A Spotify Wrapped daily for 12 months: on this site you can create a complete profile with all your music statistics

Some of Spotify’s peculiar and fashionable goals are the person who at the end of each year tells us What songs and artists we probably focus on the most. Spotify Wrapped has been around for a while, but the platform is giving us the best of the main points as early as December.

If that kind of knowledge is your favorite thing, you probably love what Volt.fm has to offer, a website that helps you build a complete profile with all of your Spotify stats, It’s like the Wrapped, but for the entire 12 months and with additional main points.

Get through thirty days of stories, examine your likes with others, proportion your profile and more

Volt.fm is a song stats fanatic’s paradise, while you create an account you will temporarily see your best genres, artists and songs in phase with 3 other time classes: the last 4 weeks, the last 6 months, or because you have started using Spotify.

Underneath, you will be able to find additional fascinating details, equivalent to how you focus on the song. It’s things like power, temperament, if it’s acoustic or instrumental, or if it’s a live song or more dancing.

Along with that, you could be proven a way of recognition, length and department of the other a long time in the song you are focusing on. So, Volt.fm tells you which of these is the most popular or the most “mainstream” music for your library, as opposed to the “darker” or less recognized music.

It also tells you which decade the most releases from your favorite artists are concentrated in, and it tells you which of them is the longest music you’ve listened to the most, as opposed to the shortest. Your profile may also display more than a few forms of custom data.

From the settings you will be able to select which playlists to spin and decide who can see other acquaintances in your profile

The most basic factor is basically changing your avatar, writing a bio, and selecting a new username to have your individual URL. Mine is volt.fm/gabriela2400 and my Yúbal compi from Xataka is only volt.fm/yubal, for example. You will either do this or you can leave the URL randomly which the carrier displays by default.

At the end of your profile, you might be given the option to highlight some of your playlists to complete your profile. AND when you consult the profile of alternative customers, you will also learn about your music compatibility, in the purest taste of Closing.fm.

Volt.fm also offers paid options which you can get for two euros per month, or a single fee of 48 euros, despite the fact that nothing very important. Things like selling your playlists, including clickable hyperlinks for your profile, or personalizing your webpage with other colors.

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