Amazon and its warm participation in Hispanic Heritage Month

“I spend my day seeking to nurture Spanish-speaking Latin American stories that showcase the rich diversity of experiences, appearances and perspectives,” says Javiera Balmaceda, head of Amazon Originals Latin America, a vision of the Hispanic community which is widely shared by this technological giant in tune with its roots and culture.

Alexa, what do you have in store for Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month allowed Alexa, the artificial intelligence device of Jeff Bezos’ company, to create a sensation with its “hit” “Dímelo”, a small sample of the urban Latin genre of the day, reggaeton , played by the particular voice of Amazon.

In addition to the iconic voice’s foray into these musical genres, Alexa has been programmed to share relevant cultural information and interesting facts about Hispanic Heritage Month. An example of this can be put into practice by saying, “Alexa, tell me about a Latino pride,” command before which he will provide a biography of various Hispanic characters who have excelled in the United States through sports, the art, science, etc. .

Let’s celebrate

In association with Brazilian graphic designer Niege Borges, the motto with which Amazon has partnered to celebrate Hispanic pride, not only in the United States, but especially in Latin America, is “Celebremos”. And so, this month can be experienced by users of the platform, both in its commerce segment and through its content segment, highlighting different entrepreneurs, creators, artists and businessmen on its menu.

A wide selection of literature, music, crafts, jewelry, beauty and wellness items, among many other alternatives, from designers, companies and brands with Latin American roots can be found. found through the options Amazon Handmade and Amazon Wellness, the special segment dedicated to local products. artisans and manufacturers from all over the world.

Hispanic designers

“6 Great Reads for Hispanic Heritage Month” is a selection prepared by Amazon Books and Amazon 4-Star Stores to promote Hispanic authors and stories. Notable titles include “A lot like goodbye: A Novel”, by Alexis Daria, “My broken language: A memoir”, written by Quiara Alegría, as well as “Infinite country”, by Patricia Engel.

Amazon Prime Video and its special catalog

Various genres, from documentaries to musical films, are part of the catalog of this streaming platform, with which they pay homage to the experiences and diversity of voices of Hispanic communities. “Cinderella”, with the spectacular interpretation of Camila Cabello, “El robo del siglo”, “Pan y circo”, “Dicha”, “El Niño de Medellín”, a documentary on the life of J Balvin, among others, can be viewed exclusively via Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Music Lat! N

This is the first year of this platform that celebrates Latin music and culture, while providing fans with a space to interact and connect with their roots.

The central theme this year is “The Culture That Binds Us Together”, a program that seeks to highlight the links between generations and the diversity of languages, borders and cultures. Music, videos, podcasts and live shows are part of a menu designed to keep the party going.

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