Amazon PS5 restockings will be available early for Prime members – here’s how to sign up

Amazon is now offering members of its Amazon Prime service priority access to PS5 replenishment.

This new Prime membership benefit was first seen earlier this month when the latest Amazon PS5 restock included priority access for members of the retailer’s premium membership program. Ultimately, the console never went on general sale as it sold out during the Prime Early Access period.

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This new Prime membership benefit allows subscribers to the retailer’s premium membership program the opportunity to purchase a PS5 before regular customers. This could make signing up for Amazon Prime very interesting if you’re still looking for PS5 restocking. Especially since next-gen consoles on Amazon usually sell out within minutes.

The latest Amazon PS5 restock was the first to offer priority access to Prime members. The online retailer did not officially announce its new next-gen console stock distribution system before the drop, but the PS5 listing page was updated with a message explaining that Prime customers would be the first. chances of buying the console.

Amazon PS5 Reorder List with Prime Early Access

(Image credit: Amazon)

It’s currently unclear whether Amazon plans to offer priority access to Prime members during future PS5 restockings, but smart money suggests it will. Indeed, Amazon has been offering Prime-exclusive PS5 restocks in other regions for months. Now that the benefit has been brought to the United States, it will likely be a permanent bonus for Prime members for at least the rest of the year.

Amazon is by no means the first retailer to offer an early access window to PS5 restocking for premium subscribers. GameStop offers Exclusive access to PowerUp Reward Pro members to restocking in recent months. The system appears to have helped deter scalpers, so we’re excited to see something similar implemented by Amazon.

If you are still desperate for a PS5, it might be a great value to sign up to become a member of Amazon Prime. Being able to buy a console with a little less competition should increase your chances of scoring that coveted order confirmation email.

How to become an Amazon Prime member

Signing up for Amazon Prime is an extremely straightforward process. There is even a 30 day free trial available, which gives you a whole month of Prime for absolutely nothing. While Amazon PS5 restockings are usually not announced in advance, so it can be difficult to line up your free trial with declining inventory.

Amazon Prime costs $ 12.99 per month (or $ 119 per year) and you get what you pay for. Along with priority access to PS5 restocking, you’ll also have access to Prime Video and Prime Music streaming services. Plus, you get free shipping on any product sold by Amazon, which can cover the monthly cost of the service on its own.

Becoming a member of Amazon Prime could make the very tricky task of securing a PS5 considerably easier. While a successful console purchase isn’t guaranteed to Prime members, having priority access to stock drops is a great way to tip the scales in your favor.

Of course, if you’d rather buy your console without having to spend the extra money on a premium membership that you wouldn’t otherwise use, check out our PS5 Replenishment Center for the latest updates from all the major retailers.

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