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A video shared by YouTuber Reginald Guillaume involving a Hindi song by Kishore Kumar left people both amazed and amused. Shared on YouTube, there is a chance that the video will have the same effect on you too.

Guillaume shared the video on his personal YouTube channel. “Above all, I want to create musical experiences that make people happy and free, and that’s why the ‘Sing With Me’ series exists. Since 2018, I have asked thousands of random people to sing along with me on camera. A lot of people said no, some said no first but changed their mind to say yes, and some said yes straight away. I ask these people to sing for one purpose: to create a way for them to experience a sense of happiness and freedom that they never felt before. And most of the time it actually works (and it makes ME happy), ”he wrote as he shared the video.

The clip opens to show Guillaume standing by the side of the road and asking people to join him for a singing performance. Most refuse, including a man who later returns to show off his incredible singing skills. The man named Gaurang Rakholia returns and sings a few lines from the famous song Dilbar Mere. This song is from the 1982 movie Satte Pe Satta and was sung by Kishore Kumar.

Take a look at the video who can impress you:

The video, since its sharing, has garnered more than 2.6 million views and the numbers are only increasing. The post also prompted people to share various comments, including one from Rakholia himself.

“I feel so very happy to have come back and sing with you !! Reggie you are really awesome !! I was literally in shock when you answered ‘perfectly’ to what I said about not knowing than Hindi (songs). You learn fast and I was really amazed that you literally learned the melody in a matter of minutes !! I love to sing, I love this song for many reasons, it was sung by my Favorite singer “Kishore Kumar”, she was performed by my favorite actor “Amitabh Bachhan”, her lyrics are amazing !! And every time I sing this song it makes almost everyone around me smile! Thanks again from m gifting this wonderful keepsake for my life! PS I would love to sing the whole song or any other Hindi song with you if I get the chance again! he wrote.

“This little courage to sing in public could help us keep an unforgettable memory of pleasure. I’m sure Gaurang will cherish him forever, ”one YouTube user wrote. “Imagine walking through Manhattan and randomly hearing someone sing Kishore Da songs live,” another posted.

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