Bandcamp shares rare stats including how much better it is at new music than Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music

Bandcamp has shared a rare look at some of the stats driving the popular indie destination, including its superior track record for discovering and monetizing new music.

50% of the money spent each month on Bandcamp is for music released in the last 90 days and 75% is for music released in the last year, according to stats shared last week.

Compare that to music streaming services that dominate consumption where 73.1% of music consumption is older or catalog music and you see the clear advantage of Bandcamp for new releases. Catalog music is defined as more than 18 months after release.

Bandcamp also promotes its integrated streaming platform Bandcamp Live as a good way to market new releases. Deerhoof recently held a listening party to launch their new disc, Dominique Fils-Aime live from the same studio where she recorded her last album, and Children of Zeus held an album release event with fans.

More Bandcamp Stats

• Fans paid artists and their labels $873 million using Bandcamp.

• Over the past year, they have spent $210 million to

• 15.1 million digital albums,

• 7.0 million tracks

• 2.1 million vinyl records

• 950,000 CDs

• 500,000 tapes

• 400,000 T-shirts.

• When a fan buys something on Bandcamp outside of Bandcamp Fridays, an average of 82% of the money goes to the artist or their label – usually in 24-48 hours – and the rest covers Bandcamp revenue sharing and payment processing fees.

• The 17th Bandcamp Fridays which resume next week, represented a total of $70 million in funds to independent artists and labels

800,000+ fans made a purchase on Bandcamp Fridays

Bruce Houghton is founder and publisher of Hypebot and MusicThinkTank and acts as principal advisor to Groupsintown who acquired the two publications in 2019. He is the founder and president of the Skyline Artist Agency and a teacher for Berklee College of Music.


• Bandcamp Fridays returns February 4 as indie aid tops $70 million

• Bandcamp’s integrated live streaming platform is open to all artists

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