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Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, you no longer need a fireplace to enjoy the sights and sounds of a roaring and crackling fire. These days, you can just fire up your favorite fireplace video stream and enjoy all of the benefits of a fire (well, except the actual heat, smells, and flames) without lifting a finger. But with so many of these videos available today, which one should you watch? To find out, I drank half a bottle of whiskey, watched half a dozen different chimney streams, and made extremely critical notes on each one. Please.

Fireplace 10 Hours Full HD (YouTube)

This is the first video that appears when you search for “fireplace” on YouTube, and with nearly 83 million+ views, you’d be forgiven for assuming this has to be the best fireplace video out there. Eighty-three million people can’t be wrong, can they?

Well, it turns out they can. This video is a low-effort trash that rose to the top due to algorithmic chance, not quality of content. There’s no build-up, no slowdown, no ups or downs – it skips right through to the coolest, most user-friendly 30 seconds of fire, then plays the same 30 seconds in a loop for 10 hours of fire. sharp. Boo.


Relaxing fireplace (10 HOURS) with burning logs and crackling fire sounds for stress relief 4K UHD (YouTube)

For God Sake. Here we go again. Another fast loop that repeats 7200 times. Honestly, I should have guessed that would be the case based on the title of the video. If they spent half the time producing the video than filling the title with SEO optimized keywords, it could have been 10x better.

It is Probably certainly the whiskey that speaks, but these YouTube fireplace videos are iconic for all that is wrong with society these days. They threw out all the little imperfections that make life interesting and enjoyable, and instead gave us an idealized “perfect” version that is flat, tasteless, and sterilized in the name of mass appeal. This fireplace video is the witty equivalent of a filtered Instagram photo of a PB&J non-crispy sandwich.


Cozy Fireplace 4K (no 24/7 music). Sounds of burning fireplace. Relaxing fireplace with logs (YouTube)

Jesus christ. I was drawn to the fact that this video is apparently “live” and streaming from Sweden, but it seems I was cheated. It’s a trick. It is indeed the same video as the first two. Same loop, different newspapers. I feel empty inside. YouTube fireplace videos are all the same. I’ve seen enough.


A fireplace for your home (Netflix)

From the start, Netflix’s fireplace video offering looks much more promising. Not only does this one have opening credits (which are hilarious, as he’s just a guy named George Ford), it also appears to be more than just a 30-second loop.

Ok, yeah, definitely not a loop. This is a full-fledged fire experience from start to finish that starts with George lighting the logs and continues uninterrupted, until the logs turn to ash and the flames are on. on the verge of extinction. Well done. I’m actually impressed that it burns so well without any log or log adjustments.

My only gripes are that this video looks like it was shot in 2010 (because it was), and the cheesy Christmas music can’t be cut without also eliminating the crackling noises.


A Fireplace for Your Home: Classic Edition (Netflix)

screenshot of a fireplace for your home classic edition.

We’re back, baby! Same chimney, but tits time in 4K! And looks like George requested a microphone upgrade as well? The crackle and crackle sounds are sharper, cleaner and have more oomph in this opus. And no cheesy Christmas music either!

Wow. It’s pretty darn close to perfect. Once again George flexed his pyrotechnic muscles and built us an excellent fire that burns cleanly for over two hours – and we experience it all raw and uncut, from the first light to the roaring top to the fading. coals. A masterpiece. I don’t know if it can be overcome.


A Fireplace for Your Home: Birchwood Edition (Netflix)

a fireplace for your home Birchwood Edition.

Okay, I was wrong. I thought George Ford peaked with the Classic Edition, but this Birch Edition is on a whole new level. There is just something about what kind of wood it burns that makes it more captivating and authentic. It’s like a cage-less egg, pink Himalayan salt, or Egyptian cotton sheets: the rational part of your brain knows it’s really no different from the standard version, but that incredibly specific extra detail makes it the richer experience one way or another. .

It’s chicken soup for my millennial hipster soul. Now I will never be able to go back to videos of fireplaces where I don’t know what kind of wood they are burning. Is it oak? Pine? Hickory Shagbark !? Tell me! Whisper it in my sexy ear so I can feel alive again for that precious moment!


Relaxing Beach Campfire 8 hours (Amazon Prime Video)

campfire on the Amazon beach.

I’m absolutely sure this one won’t hold a candle to the magnum opus I just watched from the legendary George Ford, but I feel compelled to keep going and see what lies beyond the limits of YouTube and Netflix. This one is available for free to Amazon Prime Video subscribers, and while it’s technically not a Yule log or fireplace video, it does meet the requirement to set flames on my TV for the ambiance. Nothing is right here.

Okay. I can dig it. The ocean waves in the background are certainly a nice touch. And damn – they’re actually adding logs to the fire on this one. Respect. This is the real deal.

Unfortunately, whoever filmed this didn’t read their camera’s instruction manual. Somehow, they managed to darken a video from a standalone light source. Like, really dark. I’m getting flashbacks to this episode of Game of thrones, and I don’t like it.

But more importantly, what kind of wood are we burning here, people ?! I must know !


Christmas Cartoon Fireplace: A Fun Yule Log (TubiTV)

Fun video screenshot Christmas diary.

First of all: the announcements !? On a fireplace video?! You laugh. Ten Gryffindor Points.

Second: what is going on here, in this hell still in love? I feel like I’m in some kind of nostalgic feverish dream. It’s a fireplace, but there is also a TV that broadcasts obscure 1950s rubber hose cartoons and a nerdy old radio playing music to go with it. So I guess the idea is you can watch some weird old cartoons and enjoy the fire? I mean, don’t get me wrong – looking at two screens at the same time is not unusual for me, but if I want to, I’ll do it MY way: watching one thing on TV and then another thing on. my phone, as God intended. Two things on TV at the same time are against my religion.

Having said that, I have to give these props for its level of weirdness. there is that Sharknado-esque kind of ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ charm, which makes it more fun than those horrible YouTube loops I started with.


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