Blackpink’s Lisa Replaces herself at # 1 in YouTube’s World’s Greatest Music Videos

With only two solo songs under her belt, Lisa has shown that she is already a hitmaker already, and her success since embarking on a musical adventure without his bandmates has been most impressive on YouTube. The singer and rapper is currently running perhaps the biggest charts published by the video hosting site, and in doing so, she demonstrates once again that she is unquestionably one of the most popular artists on the planet. .

Lisa’s “Money” drops from # 34 to # 1 on YouTube’s weekly ranking of the world’s most watched music videos. The clip, which is actually referred to as a performance video, as opposed to what many would consider an official clip, has been released. 51.4 million times in the past tracking frame. That’s an increase of almost 520% ​​from the previous period, and it puts the visual ahead of the finalist, a song titled “Dil Galti Kar Baitha Hai” by a number of beloved Indian musicians, from over 10 million clicks.

The Thai / South Korean performer (she was born in Thailand, but started her career in South Korea) has now topped the YouTube global rankings for three consecutive weeks, although she has managed to do so with two different uploads. . Three images ago, Lisa released the music video for her single “Lalisa” at No.1, as it racked up 157 million views in just seven days. The following period, he managed to maintain himself at the top of the tally, although his view count dropped to 43 million.

As “Money” rises to the top, Lisa’s semi-eponymous “Lalisa” drops to No. 4. It’s not often that an artist’s promotional plan allows them to replace themselves at the top of the competitive tally, and the feat once again speaks to him incredible popularity and reach around the world. “Money” pushes back Itzy’s new entries (“Loco”, # 6) and two releases of “My Universe” from BTS and Coldplay, which arrives as the biggest song on YouTube this week.

Lisa officially launched her solo career less than a month ago by releasing two songs, the aforementioned “Lalisa” and her B-side, “Money”. Both were quickly snapped up by fans around the world, making them both bestsellers. The cuts also worked quite well on streaming platforms and obviously excelled on YouTube. In South Korea, they were brought together on what is called a single album, and this project instantly became a massive and historic sales victory for the musician as well.

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