Breaking boundaries, Suraj Beera and his new musical album “Enter My world” reign on Spotify!

Suraj Beera has established himself as a prominent and popular musical artist around the world, with his new album “Enter my World” garnering record streams and followers on Spotify and Apple Music within weeks of its release, including a appearance in Times Square.

Fans rave about her album “Enter My World”, which features a variety of travel and music theme songs that have struck a chord with those who love both music and world travel, opening up new paths.

Waters of Venice is a flute tune composed by Suraj in honor of the gentle flow of Venice’s waterways, which has recently gone viral in Italian restaurants.

Her most popular song, “Dreams Come True”, has gone viral.

His other songs “Once in a Millenium” and “Walking in Times Square” were also featured on billboards in Times Square in New York.

Suraj Beera has taken travel and music to a new level with his inventive ideas and engaging compositions, thanks to his unique idea of ​​combining the two.

He is now considered a global entertainer, and his world famous startup “Your Diet Manager” has recently been featured in a number of reputable journals including Outlook India and International Business.

Let’s talk about his biggest project, which is a website called Your Diet Manager. It is his best-known work; he designed a website for people who want to live a healthy life. People can find everything they need to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan on this website. Free consultations with expert dietitians are available through Your Diet Manager. You can also find diet books, diets and fitness routines on this page. All of these diets and exercises are tailored to the specific needs of your body.

Suraj Beera is also known for his amazing travel videos. Her travel videos have received thousands of views and become popular all over the world.

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