BTS and BLACKPINK among the 5 most listened to K-pop songs of 2021 on Spotify

BTS and BLACKPINK reigned supreme in 2021 on the K-pop front. The third generation K-pop groups continued their reign as the fourth generation tried to climb higher.

BTS and BLACKPINK topped the top five on Spotify’s 2021 list of Most Streamed K-pop Songs with their record-breaking songs.

BTS Songs Dominate Top 5 Most Streamed K-pop Songs on Spotify in 2021

In the list of the five most listened to songs, BTS topped four songs out of five. Spotify’s five best K-pop songs of 2021 are:

5) BLACKPINK How do you like it

🇺🇲 Most Viewed Songs from Korean Girl Groups in 2021 on YouTube US Music: 1. How you like it – 41.6M2. DDU-DU DDU-DU – 34.7M3. Kill That Love – 33.8M4. Jolie Sauvage – 26M5. Ice Cream – 23.3M6. Love Sick Girls – 23.1M7. I CAN’T STOP – 22.9M8. BOOMBAYAH – 21.5 million

Released in June 2020, How do you like it became the new anthem for the BLACKPINK fandom. The electronic dance music number saw the members ooze in self-esteem, confidence, and witty remarks.

4) BTS Life goes on

BTS’s only Korean 2020 album, TO BE, made waves when it was released. The album attempted to console fans during the pandemic and dealt with topics of personal growth and hope. Life goes on was the title song of TO BE, whose music video was directed by the youngest member, Jungkook.

3) BTS ‘ Permission to dance

bts – mv ‘permission to dance’ (timestamp 2:40) ♡ mv kpop cropped

BTS’s third English song, Permission to dance was yet another song released to allay fan concerns during the pandemic. Pop powerhouse Ed Sheeran was involved in the songwriting process. The song’s choreography was also praised for its inclusion of sign language.

2) BTS ‘ Dynamite

Thinking about how Jimin self-choreographed his solo parts in the official Dynamite MV 🔥 he is so incredibly talented

K-pop supergroup’s very first English song Dynamite went viral when it was released. Dynamite also opened the doors to a coveted Grammy nomination, making BTS the first and only K-pop group to be nominated for it.

1) BTS ‘ Butter

still not finished the hoseok elevator dance in the butter mv 😳😳

The latest sensational English song, Butter by BTS reigned supreme over all other songs, whether it was on the Billboard charts or Spotify. According to Forbes, the song even broke the record for the biggest debut in Spotify history as it recorded 99.37 million streams in the first seven days. With a new record, Butter remains the undefeated king of K-pop songs of 2021.

Meanwhile, BTS boy with love feat. Halsey comes in sixth place, BLACKPINK Rosé On the ground is seventh and BTS ‘ Movie released is in eighth place. BLACKPINK Closed Top 10 Most Streamed K-pop Songs With Member Lisa’s MONEY and group collaboration ICE CREAM with Selena Gomez at numbers nine and ten, respectively.

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