BTS claims all of the top three on Spotify’s daily chart in South Korea

The world can’t help but listen to BTS ‘new song “Permission to Dance”, but it is possible that it is most popular in the group’s home country of South Korea, especially when the ‘we look at the daily Spotify charts. It’s no shock that the latest release from the world’s greatest vocal group ranked No.1, but this placement only tells a small part of the story of the Septet’s dominance.

“Permission to Dance” debuted at No. 1 in the Daily Spotify’s Most Played Song Chart in South Korea when it was first released (Friday July 9), and a day later it was stable at the top of the count. As the latest launch of the seven-member group stays at the top of the list, they also fill the next two spaces, giving them control of the top three rungs simultaneously.

It’s certainly not impossible for an act to dominate the way BTS currently are when it comes to Spotify, but it’s still a testament to their incredible popularity, especially in the Asian nation.

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In its second day of availability, “Permission to Dance” recorded nearly 53,000 streams in South Korea alone (and only on Spotify). In second place, “Butter”, which brought in another 34,000 coins. The band’s previous English track, “Dynamite”, only recorded 15,000 plays, although that was apparently enough to make it the third most-played track in the country.

“Permission to Dance” is proving to be a very stable hit for BTS, at least in the first two days, as it won almost the same number of streams on its second day on Spotify in South Korea as it did on its first. Usually even big hits see a big decrease as fans rush to listen to a new cut when it is first available and then interest starts to wane.

Surprisingly, when looking at the full list of the 200 most listened to songs on Spotify in South Korea, BTS occupies 40 incredible spaces. This means that the septet claims 20% of the ranking for itself, which is an absolutely incredible display of popularity.

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