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True Music Awards 2021 Live With BTS. Track The Fact giveaways minute by minute. Will BDS reprise the teaser for the K-Pop event?

Live in: BTS and TMA 2021 Free Live Stream: Horrorios, Links, YouTube, Lista de Nominados The Muquet Music Awards, Red Carpet, Series Kpop

More Boyce and Hwang Si Yule and Lim Young Wong awards on stage

Not only does he get their boon, but The Boys shines as a line artist. Earlier, moreover, Hwang Xi Yul and Lim Young Wong returned to the podium to receive the medals which won the most votes for each FAN N STAR.

Highly rated on BTS FAN N STAR

BTS steps onto the podium to receive the FTS N Star Most Voted Award. The army is among Ponton’s best wishes for the introduction of Park Hay Jin.

BTS, TMA 2021

Lim Young Wongarraza and Fan N Star

Two awards for star Lim Young Wong for FAN N STAR. The artist was acclaimed in the category of Fame and Best Publicity.

DMA 2021

Fan star: Super Jr. and Hwang Xi Yule

Super Junior continues to reign supreme in the FAN N STAR tight voting group category, while Hwang Xi Yul individually raised the award. Photos of their celebrations here.

BDS is world number one with DMA 2021

As expected, the most anticipated action of the BTS version. This is evidenced by being number 2 in global trends with the hashtag # BTSat2021TMA.

Trends for DMA 2021 and shows

Although ATEZ, Weekly, and CRAVITY have attracted global audiences with their performances, the 2021 Fact Music Awards are gaining popularity on Twitter in Peru.

DMA 2021

If you missed the Enhyben talk, here’s a fan translation: “Hi, we’re ecstatic! First of all, we want to thank everyone at the Fact Music Awards for giving us a prestigious award, for giving us love, for cheering us on in front of others. From the “next leader” award, so I think the awards are very special for us. This time we get the “Artist of the Year” award.

Note that September marks the milestone of the past year by collecting the ROTY (Next Leader Award) 12 days after their debut.

Super Junior at DMA: Trivial

The ELF celebrates the achievement of its Super Junior statues with some milestones in the TMAs.

Super Junior, DMA

Super Junior, DMA

Super Junior Artist of the Year

Congratulations to K-Bob Titans Super Junior Ponsang. In their speeches by Shintang and Yeshung, the ELF and Lee Soo-man went beyond words of humor and gratitude.

The group, who have over 15 years of experience as Kang Daniel, received the award from Kim Pum and Son Na Yoon.

Super Junior, DMA

Super Junior, DMA

The center of the nation, Cong Daniel, at the stand receiving his ponsang.

Cong Daniel, DMA

Stray Kids Celebra Victoria

This is how Stray Kids celebrates their honor as Ponce Artist of the Year.

Like The Boys, it was hosted by Lee Dong Wook and Shin Hyu Bin.

Bad kids

After Bonsang’s Best Artist of the Year award, BOYZ receives the acclaimed award.

The boys

They enjoy the concerts of NHiben and Stack. They can not miss the list of “Fever” and “Stereotype” of these groups.

Best Price: Weekly Enthusiasm

The hottest rewards go to weekly debutant and gravity bands on the music scene.

Like STAYC, they were presented on stage by our Ji Hyun and star Se Jong Hyop.



STAYC, the next leader is DTMA 2021

The Fact Music Awards 2021 The next president’s new team received the STAYC medal. The statues thanked everyone who made the success possible, including the staff.


Brave Women and receive the ATEEZ award for best artist of the year

Brave women and ATEEZ fans are partying. Popular groups also present awards for the best artist of the year. This is how they saw themselves collect their respective medals on stage.


Brave women

Enhyben won the award for best artist of the year

Compiled by Youth May stars Lee Doo Hyun and Premier Division winner Ko Min C of the year Enhyben.

Enhyban.  DMA 2021

After reappearing in the industry with “Rowley,” the Braves Girls Quartet will be tasked with opening the DMA 2021 show with these hits and more.

The TMA 2021 mid-gala begins

The DMA 2021 mid-gala has officially started. The artists have already walked the red carpet. BTS, meanwhile, is the global star and pride of K-Pop.

BTS, TMA 2021

Link to the Fact Music Awards 2021

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If you are having trouble watching live, we share the link here: [copiar y pegar].

Before. The Fact Music Awards 2021 It will feature excellent bands and artists throughout the year. BDS, Very young, Brave Women and STAYC form the spectacular line-up for the K-Pop Awards season opening event. As in the previous year, the online design will also be used and will be available to fans across the Americas. Watch TMA 2021 online for free.

Here we tell you how to combine the red carpet and the ceremony Condors from The Fact Music Awards 2021.

PDS on stage at DMA 2020. In this version, Suka was not due for her shoulder surgery. Photo: true

When will BTS be active in TMA 2021?

BDS is one of a list of 17 artists who have performed at the Fact Music Awards. The event will take place on Saturday October 2 from South Korea. There will be no audience other than guest singers.

The Red carpet The main ceremony begins at 5:00 p.m. (KST) and ends at 7:00 p.m. (KST)

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Schedule to see TMA 2021: Latin America and Spain

  • BTS at TMA 2021 in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras: Saturday 2 at 4:00 p.m.
  • BTS on TMA 2021 in Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador5:00 p.m.
  • BTS in TMA 2021 in Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Venezuela6:00 p.m.
  • BDS in DMA 2021 in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay7h00
  • BTS at TMA 2021 in Spain12h00

BTS is running anytime on TMA 2021

As usual for the Korean Awards, the sequence of events and schedule will be booked a few hours before the event. In most cases, groups or artists are rewarded in order of seniority (in years of initiation).

The second action, which lasts a long time, BDS It can show its effectiveness in the final part of the project.

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Where to see BTS performance in TMA 2021 for free

We are in 2021, The Fact Music Awards The festival is broadcast free of charge to fans in South Korea, Japan, and parts of North, Central and South America.

South Korean supporters should use this U + IDOL Live AppIn Japan, the main event will be broadcast on Music On TV! TV.

YouTube: One of the sites run to watch the Fact Music Awards 2021. Photo: Capture

YouTube link to watch BTS at TMA 2021

Followers, on the other hand Q-Pop You can list these countries Where L Live Stream Online D The Fact Music Awards on YouTube.

United States, Canada, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, Aruba, El Salvador, Turks and Caicos Islands, Panama Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Honduras, Uruguay, Chile, Chile,

DMA 2021 Series

Known K-pop bands and singers to perform at 2021 DMA Awards This Saturday

  • BDS
  • Very young
  • Lim Young Wong
  • Seven
  • Bad kids
  • The boys
  • Enhyban
  • WERE
  • Brave women
  • Oh my girl
  • ITZY
  • Cong Daniel
  • Weekly
  • Gravity
  • Hwang Si Yul.

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The Fact Music Awards 2021

According to the official event page. There are eight awards in the music category and four awards in their collaboration Fan is my Star Voting app.

To the winners Tsong, listener’s choice, global icon, world’s best artist, best artist of the year, best and next leading album and judges scores only

On the other hand, the U + IDOL Fame Award and FAN N STAR categories are defined by 100% of the votes of the public.

Criteria and voting period for the 2021 DMA Awards. Photo: Capturer

Conradors produces The Fact Music Awards

  • Fan N Star Choice Award (Group): Super Junior
  • FAN N Star Choice Award (individual): Hwang Seoul
  • FAN N Star Choice Award (trotting): Lim Young Wong
  • Top rated artist: BTS
  • U + IDOL Reputation Award: BTS

Voting winners for the Fact Music Awards. Photo: Capture Web

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