BTS to take “extended rest period” – Billboard

BTS is taking a well-deserved break.

The K-pop phenomenon will take a hiatus at the end of its upcoming events, which include the BTS authorization to dance on stage shows and the Jingle Ball Tour, reads a statement from the septet’s music company, Big Hit.

It’s a break, but not the end of days, insists the Seoul-based company.

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BTS members had planned a multi-week break at the end of 2019 and returned with blazing guns. They will need another “extended rest period” to allow the group to “re-inspire and rejuvenate with creative energy,” the statement said.

Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook brake when leading the pack.

They are the best international artist of the year, finishing 2021 with the best song on Apple Music and the Billboard Global Excl. American chart, with “Dynamite”.

The single debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in August 2020 and set a new record for most weeks topping Billboard’s digital song sales chart.

In recent months, “Dynamite” has become BTS’s first song to achieve triple platinum status from the RIAA, and they are nominated for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

BTS went where no other K-pop group has gone before, landing five No.1s on the Billboard 200 chart and five leaders on the Hot 100.

Read the Big Hit statement below in its entirety.

“Hello. This is GREAT MUSIC. We would like to inform you that BTS is planning to take a second official extended rest period since their premiere in 2019 after completing their official scheduled events of BTS Permission To Dance On Stage- LA and on 2021 Jingle Ball Tour. BTS has remained active in order to engage with fans in 2020 and 2021 amid the Covid-19 situation, and has achieved dazzling results in cementing themselves as the world’s top performers.

This rest period will offer the members of BTS who have invested themselves tirelessly in their activities, a chance to recharge their batteries and recharge their batteries with creative energy. It will also be the first time since their beginnings to spend the Holidays with their family. We ask you again to please show consideration for their need to enjoy an ordinary and free daily life while focusing only on themselves, even for a short time, during their period of rest ”, a- he added.

BTS will focus on preparing for the concert and releasing the new album which will mark the start of a “new chapter”. They are preparing for a concert next March to connect and communicate with fans in person in Seoul. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the fans who continue to cheer on BTS and they will come back as the best and healthiest of themselves after being recharged so they can return all the fan love. Thank you.”

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