Can you change your Spotify username?

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Your Spotify username is the key to many features on Spotify. This is one of the ways, besides using your email or associated social media accounts, to log in to Spotify. Also, if you share your username with a friend, they can type it into their Spotify search bar, go to your user profile, and start following you. This way you can listen together. However, is it something you can change? Can you change your Spotify username?

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You cannot change your Spotify username. However, you can change your Spotify display name, which will move your username to your user profile.


Spotify display name vs username: what’s the difference?

Spotify usernames

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When you create a Spotify account, either manually with an email address or via Facebook, Spotify automatically assigns you a “username”. It’s basically a series of numbers and letters that Spotify says “is designed to identify you to Spotify.” If you share it with your friends, they can enter your username in the Spotify search bar and start following you. You can also use your username to log in to Spotify instead of using your email address.

Unfortunately, these usernames assigned to Spotify are immutable. This was not always the case, however. Back when Spotify was in its infancy, users could create and edit their own Spotify usernames. Then, in 2011, Spotify started generating usernames for new accounts.

Spotify display names

search results for display names on spotify

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If you create an account using an email address, your username will appear on your profile. This makes it difficult for people to find you because you have to share your unique username with them first. It’s also quite dehumanizing, as your presence on the platform is only recognized as a series of numbers and letters. Setting up a display name can remedy this.

Your display name is a customizable profile name that replaces your username “where it appears on your profile, app, and playlists.” You will always have – and need – your Spotify-generated username, as your display name cannot be used to log into Spotify. That said, you will appear as your display name wherever it matters.

Friends can also try searching for your display name on Spotify, though they may need to scour a sea of ​​similar display names to find you. For example, if you type “CuJo”, my account will probably not be the first to appear.

How to Change Your Display Name on Spotify

If you signed up for Spotify using Facebook, your account will immediately be equipped with your Facebook name as your display name. If you signed up with an email address, your username will appear instead of a display name.

You can (and probably should) change your Spotify display name either way.

On Spotify mobile for Android and iOS

  • Open the Spotify mobile app.
  • Select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Homepage screen to open Settings.
  • To select See profile. This button appears at the top.
  • To select Edit profile.
  • Type the desired display name.
  • To select To safeguard top right to finish.
Change Spotify display name

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On Spotify desktop app and web player

  • Open Spotify desktop app or web player.
  • Open the display name dropdown menu by clicking the down arrow next to your name and profile picture at the top of the interface.
  • Click on Profile.
  • Select the ᐧᐧᐧ button under your Spotify profile picture.
  • Click on Edit profile.
  • In the Last name field, type the desired display name.
  • Click on TO SAVE to finish.
spotify display name what it looks like

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Below Account Overview, you will see your Profile details. This will include your username and your email, date of birth and country or region.

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Why is my Spotify username random?

Although Spotify is focused on improving its overall experience, it needs to be able to track every account.

Auto-generating usernames apparently saves time on both ends. As long as the user remembers their email address and password or has signed up with Facebook, they should have no problem logging in. If needed, your username can still be accessed by visiting your Spotify account page.

Is my Spotify username fixed?

Yes. Once you have created your account and Spotify has generated your username, it cannot be changed.

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