Chrysoula Stefanaki’s INSIDE THE SILENCE set to make a splash on the Greek music charts (VIDEO)

Every now and then comes a song that exceeds even the artist’s own expectations: the perfect marriage of lyrics and music, which gives you goosebumps hearing it as your heart skips a beat hypnotized and moved by. the strength of her visceral beauty.

Such a song happened and it is called Μέσα Στη Σιωπή ( Inside the silence ) written and performed by the very talented Chrysoula Stefanaki.

Released by Polydor Records only three days ago, the track has already exceeded 5,000 plays on Youtube; a reflection of its power and its appeal to the public.

The lyrics, in Greek, are quite poetry.

“His performance is exceptional. Beautiful words take on a life of their own thanks to the truly unique voice of Chrysoula Stefanaki. says Polydor Records.

Usually performing songs written for her, this is Stefanaki’s first time trying to write both the lyrics and the music for a song. Inside the silence has certainly proven that she can do it all!

“Music is my life!” she says Greek city weather.

His performance collaborations include some of Greece’s biggest names, composers and performers including Mimis Plessas, Giannis Spanos, Stefanos Korkolis, Vicky Moscholiou, Dimitris Mitropanos, Glykeria, Manolis Misias, Dimitris Basis, David Nachmias to name a few. -a.

INSIDE THE SILENCE by Chrysoula Stefanaki is about to make a splash in the Greek music charts (VIDEO) 4
Stefanaki with the late Giannis Spanos

“I feel so happy and privileged to have performed with so many wonderful artists who have offered so much to the contemporary musical culture and history of Greece,” says Stefanaki.

The girl from Crete dreams of one day performing for the Greek diaspora, from Canada and the United States to distant Australia.

“I think it’s my life’s mission and my biggest passion to sing for Greek audiences and not just for anyone who loves Greek music. But my biggest goal is to reach the hearts of Greeks all over the world and share the words and sounds that I sing, ”she added.

CHRYSOYLA STEFANAKI – In the silence (Μέσα στη σιωπή)
Music – Lyrics: Hrysoula Stefanaki
Musical arrangement: Dionysis Papamitsos
Classical guitar: Antonis Gounaris
Sound recording and mixing: Antonis Gounaris
Mastering: M. Master USA
POLYMUSIC digital single

Contact details: [email protected]

Buy / Stream here:
Mesa Sti Siopi – Single by Chrysoula Stefanaki on Apple Music
Mesa Sti Siopi – Single by Chrysoula Stefanaki | Spotify
Mesa sti siopi by chrysoula stefanaki on Amazon Music –

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