Does YouTube pay royalties to artists for music?

YouTube pays royalties for the video and music content available on its website and here’s how.

Yes, YouTube pays royalties to artists and labels for the music content available on their platform. Some creators monetize their content directly through the YouTube Partner Program. Many creators will use a third party like RouteNote to stream their music to YouTube and generate revenue for every play.

There are a number of ways we can make money for you at RouteNote from your music on the YouTube platform and each of them is available for free to all artists and labels. If you want more information on how YouTube collects royalties and how artists and creators can make money from their content, click here.

Upload to YouTube Music

We have a direct partnership with the music streaming service YouTube Music. Upload your music to YouTube Music for free with RouteNote and your releases will be available to stream to listeners around the world, earning money with every listen.

YouTube’s music streaming service gives listeners unlimited listening to all the music in the world with exclusive content like live versions and demos that you can’t get on other services like Spotify and Apple Music. Streaming Your Music to YouTube Music gives you access to the world’s largest audience with the world’s leading video website.

YouTube Content ID

YouTube’s Content ID system allows them to analyze all content uploaded to YouTube and recognize when someone’s music is used in a video. This allows them to monetize videos on behalf of artists when their tracks are used in videos, giving creators the freedom to soundtrack their videos and ensuring that music rights holders receive their legitimate revenues.

We are working with YouTube to add our artists’ music to the Content ID library, which allows us to pay artists each time their music is used on YouTube.

Monetization of YouTube videos

RouteNote’s YouTube network accepts channels from creators in a community of creators with over 200 million monthly views. We help artists monetize the videos on their channel so they can earn money from their video views.

Your income will come from direct uploads to your channel through our YouTube network, unlike YouTube Music which only earns for music. This means you can monetize any kind of video content, including behind the scenes videos, demos, and live versions that you haven’t uploaded to streaming services, and anything else you add to your channel.

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