El Chapo’s arrest has deepened the war on drugs

You know El Chapo, but not the way investigative reporter Noah Hurowitz knows him.

His book, El Chapo: The untold story of the world’s most infamous drug lord, dishes all dirt, and he shared some of the fascinating and even hilarious details about the pivot of this episode of The new abnormal.

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For starters, as Hurowitz tells Molly Jong-Fast, El Chapo is more than just a drug kingpin.

“El Chapo’s story offers us many ways to understand the kind of trajectory of the war on drugs,” he says. “The war on drugs essentially made El Chapo what it was. He was coming of age when the kind of hippie marijuana boom caused drug trafficking to boom in Sinaloa. The reaction to this has been numerous militarized and anti-drug operations carried out by the Mexican government under pressure from the Nixon administration. ”

Of course, America’s involvement in the War on Drugs messed things up even more. “[His arrest] made no dent in the amount of drugs crossing the border, ”says Hurowitz.

More! Hurowitz and Molly discuss El Chapo’s mistress Lucero Guadalupe Sanchez Lopez and his wife Emma Coronel Aispuro and why he and his wife wore matching jackets in court one day.

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