Final Fantasy XIV Arrangement Albums Now Available To Stream

On Friday, October 29, Square Enix announced that three of the Final Fantasy XIV Arrangement albums for bands and pianos are now available to stream on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify. Previously, only original tapes were available on these streaming services, but you could still purchase them directly digitally from Amazon Store or iTunes. The list includes From Astral to Umbral, Duality, and Travel arrangement albums for the A kingdom reborn, Toward the sky, and Stormblood extensions respectively.

Read it official Lodestone publication for links to each. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers’ Scions & Sinners: Final Fantasy XIV ~ Arrangement Album ~ is not yet available for direct streaming, but is available for purchase.

These albums are unique in that they are live recordings of new versions of each song on the album list. Half are arrangements recorded by The Primals, Final Fantasy XIV rock band. The other half is played by Keiko, a pianist who has been playing with them for so long. Naturally, these tracks all sound significantly different from what is heard in-game, so it’s worth listening to to see how these arrangements stack up!

For some of our thoughts on any of these albums, check out our review for From Astral to Umbral ~ Final Fantasy XIV: Arrangement album for groups and piano ~.

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