Get 15% off World Music Day on your Spotify music promotion, through June 25

The air club celebrates World Music Day by offering a 15% discount on their Promoting Spotify Music packages and garner exponential growth for your music career.

Gather the growing growth of your Spotify music career with one of the most trusted companies The air club. They are known for their high promotional strategies for Spotify artists, from lyricists to music producers, everyone can enjoy their services and spotlight their creator. June 21 is World Music Day and they are offering a 15% discount on each of their packages. This exclusive sale started on June 20, 2022 and will continue until June 25, 2022. Celebrate the Fête de la Musique for a week and promote your tracks with their services. As Spotify promotion company, they have offered four packages which are “Spotify Marketing Package”, “Spotify Promotion Pack”, “Spotify Marketing Pro Pack” and “Spotify Promotion Pro Pack”. Be quick and place your order to engage more people on your Spotify profile and witness growth with them.

With ‘Spotify Marketing Package’ you can promote a single song which will be distributed to 60+ curated playlists to gain much more audience. And these services will get you more than 100,000 social media followers across all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well as many other platforms. Promoting Spotify Music will create a strong buzz on social networks and will charge you $33 instead of $39. ‘Spotify Promotion Pack’ will enhance the services as it allows you to promote 2 tracks on 90 selected websites. Press releases, music blogs and music reviews can be arranged with these services. With these publications, you will not only reach your target audience, but also more media houses will be informed about your music. And this site decided to only charge $59 for this package which will be $69 again right after the sale ends. Content marketing is one of the most unique strategies that have helped people popularize their stories, forever. Organic engagement will fuel your growth exponentially.

You can promote 3 three of your tracks in ‘The Spotify Marketing Pro Pack’. Three of your chosen tracks will be placed on more than 120 curated playlists. A large number of audiences will be attracted to your tracks due to their outstanding marketing strategies. You can win over your target audience with their content marketing campaigns. This bundle won’t cost $105 but it’s now down to $89 and will help you testify to the popularity of your tracks. And if you are ready to garner maximum engagement for your music, you should opt for the “Spotify Promotion Pro Pack”. In this pack, you can popularize 4 tracks of your works, as well as wide social media popularity on various platforms. Publishing press releases and distributing music blogs will bring growth to your career. And this pack will offer the best and that’s why this pack is the most expensive package of all, it will now cost $144 after taking a 15% discount on $169. And will place your 4 tracks in more than 180 curated playlists.

About the company

The air club is one of the fastest growing businesses out there and it generates organic, trending buzz around your track and popularizes it. Connect to one of the best options for your Spotify tracks and enjoy the upward journey to the top on a competitive platform like Spotify. To take advantage of their World Music Day offer of a 15% discount nowclick on

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