Good On Paper Soundtrack: Groove on Netflix’s new Rom-Com tunes!

The Good On Paper soundtrack is on everyone’s playlists right now. But do you know all the songs from Netflix’s new romantic comedy? The movie was released a few days ago and the original romance is still etched in our minds. Well, just like the story and the movie, the music was amazing too. To top off the plot with an amazing soundtrack, this was really a great idea. Therefore, we decided to list all the songs in the movie so that you can find them online more easily. The movie doesn’t have an official soundtrack, but it does use some of the underrated songs by other artists to uplift the scenes.

Music for good On paper is given by Jonathan Sanford. The Los Angeles-based composer, music producer and saxophonist is best known for giving music to several movies and TV shows. Some of his other works include Teenage Bounty Hunters, Social distance, dare me, and more. His recent is that of Kimmy Gatewood Good on paper.

The American romantic comedy film is based on a script written by Iliza Shlesinger, who also stars in the film. Additionally, Gatewood made her directorial debut with the film. The film also stars Rebecca Rittenhouse, Ryan Hansen and Margaret Cho.

Good on paper (credit: Netflix)

Where can you listen to a good soundtrack on paper?

Good on paper has a total of six tracks in the movie. During its duration of 92 minutes (1h32), the film uses different songs to raise the performances of the actors. The list of songs used in the film is here:

  1. Warning – Clintongore.
  2. This way – Mk Gee.
  3. Pirouette – Jay Som.
  4. So high – BONNIE X CLYDE.
  5. I don’t want to lose – Ex Hex.
  6. No turning back – Yuno.

You can listen to these songs on multiple music platforms. Additionally, you can find fan-made playlists on Spotify and other music apps. Some of the most common and popular music platforms are Spotify, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and many more. The first song on the list, “Watch Out”, is available on Soundcloud. However, the other five are accessible on all the other applications that we have just mentioned.

To use the services on the music apps, you must subscribe and purchase a plan according to your usage. Apple Music starts with £ 4.99 for students (student card) and £ 9.99 per month for individuals. You can get more details on the plans here.

The same goes for Spotify. Their plans start at £ 5.99 per month and go up to £ 9.99 per month. You can find all subscription plans here. Meanwhile, you can also listen to the songs on Youtube.

Good on paper: plot and more

The film follows comedian Andrea Singer (Iliza Shlesinger) and her bizarre love life. All her life, she put her career before her love life. After waiting all her life, she has now found the perfect guy, Dennis (Ryan Hensen). However, Dennis appears to be too good to be true. And Andrea’s best friend, Margot (Margaret Cho) is sure Dennis isn’t as he seems.

Universal Pictures is distributing the film and it is currently airing on Netflix. Filming for Good on paper started in November 2019.

Good On Paper Soundtrack: Groove on Netflix's new Rom-Com tunes!

A photo from Good On Paper (credit: Netflix)

Other than all of that, did you know the movie is based on a true story? writer and film’s main star Iliza Shlesinger has revealed that the first two-thirds of the film is real. Additionally, she shared that every lie Dennis says in the movie has been told by a real person. According to the actress, only the last two acts of the film are not based on reality. The actress said the story in reality was more of a “sad” and “traumatic” experience. However, as a comic, it’s his job to make it accessible and fun.

Apparently, his efforts turned out to be great. The film appeals to the public. Besides, it’s only been two days since its release and the response is incredible.

You should go watch the movie on Netflix right now if you haven’t. We have also provided you with the Good on paper soundtrack so you can play it after watching the movie.

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