How many monthly listeners does Joe Rogan have on Spotify?

Spotify did not reveal precise figures on Joe Rogan’s audience. However, the company bragged about the success of the Joe Rogan Experience at many times.

Joe Rogan could easily be considered a podcasting icon in the industry. JRE has had an endless list of celebrities appearing as guests, from Bernie Sanders to Elon Musk.

Joe Rogan’s position was further strengthened in the industry when Spotify signed a $ 100 million deal to bring his podcast exclusively to the platform.

JRE debuted on Spotify on September 1, 2020 and became exclusive to the service in December. He quickly rose to the top of Spotify’s podcast rankings after his debut. It received huge success within three months of the first episode on the platform.

A report published by Spotify in February of this year said:

“[Rogan] stimulated the addition of new users, activated first-time podcast listeners and [has] resulted in favorable engagement trends, including vodcast consumption. “

Additionally, in April, Spotify admitted that JRE had “performed above expectations.”

According to Business intern, a leaked internal Spotify newsletter found that the podcast made up nearly 5% of total podcast listeners when it was first posted to the platform last September. As a result, the podcast drew nearly three million listeners in its first month after becoming Spotify exclusive.

Check out the reasons Joe Rogan hosted the podcast below:

Is the Joe Rogan Experience lose its relevance?

Many fans were upset by Rogan’s exclusive deal with Spotify. Subscribers have expressed concerns about the switch to the platform, ranging from mid-show ads to video podcasts that don’t support TV coverage.

@MWBellMusic You can only watch on the desktop or on your phone, @Spotify didn’t make the video available on TV apps, console or any other media player .. it’s amazing how incompetent he is ️ @joerogan @JamieVernon

According to a survey by The edge, before going exclusive, Rogan’s guests could expect to gain around 4,000 Twitter followers within a week of their December 2019 episode premiere through November 2020. That number halved after going exclusively to Spotify , indicating a decrease in the number of listeners.

Additionally, data from Google Trends showed that searches for Joe Rogan’s name were steadily increasing in 2020. However, as soon as he went exclusively to the Swedish platform, the number of searches dropped.

This decline in popularity was further triggered when he discouraged young adults from getting vaccinated against COVID-19. In a conversation with comedian Dave Smith, Joe Rogan said:

“If you’re, like, 21 and you tell me, should I get the shot?” I will go no.

Spotify’s Joe Rogan encourages “healthy” young people not to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Her show is Spotify’s most popular podcast. “If you are 21 and you tell me, should I get the vaccine? I will go no.

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