How to Block Ads on Spotify Free Version 2022

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For users, probably the best and easiest aspect of Spotify is that it is free. Without subscribing to the Premium plan, you can access over 70 million tracks, 4.5 billion playlists and over 2 million podcasts on Spotify. However, the free version of Spotify is advertised as a radio station. So, with a free Spotify subscription, you can’t listen to music without the distraction of ads. In this case, some people still ask, is there any way to block ads on Spotify without Premium? The answer is sure and your problem will be solved because there are apps that will help you with this.

In this guide, we have put together a quick guide on how to block ads on Spotify. Here are the best tools to remove ads from Spotify. As one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, Spotify allows free users to listen to over 70 million songs with an ad-based service, along with other restrictions. Too much advertising on Spotify is the biggest complaint. Some users have reported that they even receive 1-5 ads for every 1-2 songs.

Automatic mute announcements

This method is the safest, as it involves a third-party Android app, SpotMute, which automatically mutes media volume whenever Spotify plays an ad, and the app detects this using media notifications sent by the app. Spotify’s built-in device streaming status feature. After the ad ends, the app will turn on the sound so you can continue enjoying your music.

  • Launch Play Store on your device, search for SpotMute and download it. Or you can use this link to go directly to the application page.
  • Open the Spotify app and tap the Settings gear icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll down until you find the device’s streaming status and enable the switch next to it.
  • Close Spotify and launch SpotMute. Here you’ll see a big toggle switch, tap to turn it on and you’ll get a pop-up notification asking you to turn on device casting status, but since we’ve already turned it on, just tap the “I have it enabled” option.

Block ads using the web browser

First of all, we know that the easiest option would have been to use Brave Browser for Android because it comes with a native ad blocker. However, if you have ever tried to do something similar, you must have been stuck in a scenario where Spotify Web Player disables playback and makes the browser incompatible due to the existence of an ad blocker feature. We attach a screenshot for the curious.

However, there is a working solution for you which depends on Mozilla Firefox, uBlock Origin ad blocker and some browser settings. Get ready because things will get a bit technical from now on.

  • On your Android device, launch the Play Store, search for Firefox for Android Beta and install it.
  • Launch Firefox Beta, tap the menu button in the lower right corner and tap Add-ons.
  • You should be able to find uBlock Origin in the list of recommended plugins, just tap the plus icon to add it. An authorization box will appear, press the Add button.
  • In Firefox’s address bar, type “about:config” and press Enter. A page similar to the one shown in the screenshot will appear. Here you can see a plus button and a search bar.
  • In the search bar, type (or copy/paste) “media.eme.require-app-approval” and use the toggle button to change it to false.
  • Use the plus icon to create a new entry for the user agent. Press Boolean and select String. In the name box, type “general.useragent.override”. In the String box, copy/paste the following user agent string (you can also find and use another Android Mobile user agent): Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.0; SM-G892A Build/NRD90M; wv) AppleWebKit/ 537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/60.0.3112.107 Mobile Safari/537.36
  • When done, tap Create.
  • Go to Spotify Web Player at, tap sign in, enter your Spotify account credentials, then tap sign in to continue.
  • You can now use Spotify ad-free and continue playing even when the screen is off.

Final Words: How to Block Ads on Spotify Free Version

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