How to Link Spotify with Tune Up Sessions on Windows 11 PC 2022

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Check How to Link Spotify with Tune-Up Sessions on Windows 11 PC

Microsoft’s Windows 11 is coming later this year, but people who can’t wait that long are already testing beta versions of the upcoming Windows operating system. But to give another reason to those waiting for the official release, Microsoft Product Manager Panos Panay has announced a new feature for Windows 11. There will be a special Focus Sessions feature that will help users focus on the music in the background. from Spotify. Focus Sessions isn’t a feature Microsoft talked about when it released Windows 11 earlier this year. This feature is not even available in beta and developer versions of the operating system. Microsoft will soon integrate Spotify into Windows 11 as part of the Focus Sessions feature to help users complete tasks while listing their favorite music.

Product Manager Panos Panay shared the build on Twitter along with a short video showing how the feature works. Additionally, Microsoft is merging its OneNote apps into one, and this will be part of a series of updates over the next 12 months. That means Microsoft is likely to reserve it for the official Windows 11 release. Panay said in his tweet that Focus Sessions is coming soon.

Steps to Link Spotify to Focus Sessions on Windows 11

  • First, open the Clock app on your Windows 11 PC.
  • In the Clock app, you will find the Focus Sessions feature.
  • In Spotify, you need to click on the Install Spotify button.
  • Once installed, click on the Link your Spotify button.
  • Now you need to login with your Spotify username and password.
  • Once done, you can listen to Spotify music directly from Focus Sessions.

Think of it as a Pomodoro-inspired feature that Microsoft will ship with Windows 11 to help users increase focus and therefore productivity. As people are now more tethered to their computers than ever due to the long hours of working from home, it is quite possible that they will lose focus for all sorts of reasons.

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