Jamie Durie & Poh Ling Yeow Share Their Favorite Spotify Playlists

During the lockdown Australians have created more new Spotify playlists than ever before and to celebrate this milestone two well known Australians have shared their favorite Spotify playlists with us and they are gardening guru Jaime Durie and the famous Chief Poh Ling Yeow.

Many of us know Jaime Durie who started out as a dancer with Manpower Australia but quickly transferred to our TV screens, giving us advice on landscaping and growing plants on TV shows like Backyard blitz and The outdoor room.

Here are Jamie’s tips on how you can use audio to benefit your plants:

  1. Opening the stomata of your plant… it’s like opening your heart. Stomata are tiny pores on a plant that let in more air and allow your plant to grow. To do this, play tunes with soft stringed instruments. If classical isn’t your thing, a few beautiful acoustic melodies can be just as influential. Small things, big things grow.
  2. Unlike Meghan Trainor, your plants are NOT just devoted to this bass. Too much bass can damage your plants. They also react negatively to foul language, so maybe skip the heavy hip hop or that epic dance floor and go for something a little more calming.
  3. Did you know that your plants are sensitive? That’s right, they can smell and perceive – that’s why it’s no surprise that music can influence their growth. Your plants respond to the sound vibrations of running water in the pipes and the soil in your house and will move their roots towards the sounds. Consider playing the same tunes that give you the thrills and your plants could reap the benefits.

And here’s Jamie’s favorite Spotify playlist to feed your plants with sound: here

Did you know that music can affect your flavor experience?

In addition to affecting plants, science has shown that music has the ability to change our experience of flavor. Celebrity chef Poh Ling Yeow, who debuted on MasterChef Australia as a contestant and after nearly winning the first series, returned to the show as a mentor. Poh says she enjoys listening to music while cooking.

Poh Ling Yeow

Here are Poh’s tips on what kind of music makes her dance in the kitchen:

  1. Music charges me in the kitchen. It shakes the cocktails, the booty bumping and cutting in rhythm shakes the monotony – be careful to watch the numbers!
  2. For me, the kitchen will always be a place of nostalgia. I love the familiarity and charm of old world tunes because they make everyone’s eyes sparkle and go perfectly with my style – good old school food!
  3. When it’s time to find soundtracks to sip and taste, I get soothing, croony, cranky. Combine Nina Simone’s buttery tones with an elegant creme caramel and sparks of contemplation and conversation are sure to fly!

Here’s Poh’s favorite Spotify playlist to play while you cook: here

Australians are creating more playlists than ever

Over the past few months, when many Australians have been confined, Spotify has discovered that we are creating more playlists than ever before!

This is probably because sound – and especially music – has such a strong influence in our lives and if we have more time, listening to music is one of our favorite pastimes.

Over the past 30 days, there has been a 93% increase in daily reads of Australian user generated plant and / or gardening playlists and a 42% increase in daily reads of kitchen playlists generated by users.

There has been a 93% increase in daily reads of user-generated playlists with the title Plant and / or Gardening over the past 30 days

Australians want to create playlists they can listen to while they cook. In total, Australians have created over 60,000 playlists with the title cook and / or cooking.

Spotify makes it easier for podcasters to make a living

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