Jehnny Beth Shares Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” Cover

Jehnny Beth shares the cover of

French singer and songwriter Jehnny Beth is back from her latest album 2020 Utopian ashes. The artists shared today, May 14, a new rendition of “Closer” by hit metal band Nine Inch Nails. The track was originally posted in a part of Amazon Music Original Amazon Covers which celebrates the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame of 2020, but the track has now been released on all music platforms.

In the famous original track, famous singer Trent Reznor begins the song with a range of pitches. From felted in the intro to the exceptional lines swallowed by the “Help Me” in the pre-chorus. Nine Inch Nails doesn’t shy away from this track, as its raw, straightforward lines intertwine with the stunning sounds of electric guitar and pounding drums.

Beth’s rendition is a homage to the classic track in every way. Nine Inch Nails fans can even spot similarities in Beth’s album cover (which appears to be feet tied to a rose) – it’s a reference to the clip from the original, where Reznor literally gets tied up hands. The opening drum and guitar solo is almost eerie, only with a slightly higher bass than the original. Beth, however, adds her own taste to her cover in some lines. In the chorus, for example, she screams the word “animal” in “I want to fuck you like an animal,” and in the second verse she sings “you make me perfect” in a high pitch.

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Photo credit: Raymond Flotat


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