LEV: Chapter 3 Review – The Easy Watch Dance Don’t Skip | Dance

Jhis latest part of a trilogy about love from Israeli company LEV – created by artistic directors Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar, with regular musical collaborator Ori Lichtik – is subtitled “Brutal Journey of the Heart”, but it there is nothing brutal or sincere in this good- aesthetic work and pleasing to the ear; it’s not really going anywhere either.

So forget the subtitle. What happens? It’s essentially an hour-long musical ensemble, one number following the next as it unfolds casually, if not causally, along a path that leads from guitar songs acoustic, through modern blues, country, folk, Latin and afrobeats, and ends with crooning beach-music. The dancers look divine in their combinations (by Dior director Maria Grazia Chiuri): sleek second skins filigreed with foliage, a big emblazoned red heart just above the heart. They are also marvelous dancers: extremely controlled even though they wave elongated limbs like antennae that reach out in all directions, or stop on the tips of their toes, or lunge very low, the spines arching and writhing as if bonded to steel with rubber band.

At first they look like flamingos, all tall and smooth struts; then
there are frog squats, lots of throbbing hips, a bit of bop, a hint of ballroom, ballet, cat-walking. Despite the omnivorous profusion, everything seems eerily identical, all wrapped up and processed to the same medium beat, with the dancers repeating their moves left and right as they avoid the beat of the music being played. Some striking groupings emerge – a cluster of anemones, a pulsating ring of interlocking arms – but mostly it’s geometric patterns that form and reform as they go.
regularly and without surprise as these sidesteps.

The dance is easy to admire; the choreography, hard to like.

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