Make your Spotify playlists amazing sound with these sound settings on iPhone and Mac

You can change much more than the volume when listening to music.

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The music streaming service Spotify has been ranked among the best streaming apps since its creation. The app allows users to listen to music at home, in the car, at work or at the gym, without being bothered by an additional device or cable.

Spotify also recommends new music to listeners based on their activity in the app. And if you are one of the Spotify’s 158 million paying subscribers, you can create and share playlists with your friends on social networks, or with the whole world via the app.

If you’ve recently decided to create a Spotify account, or have been offered a subscription for the holidays, here are some ways to make sure your music sounds great on your iPhone and Mac.

How to adjust the basic volume in Spotify

The volume is quite easy to determine, but did you know that Spotify allows you to adjust the basic volume of the app according to your environment?

Here’s how to adjust the basic volume on your iPhone:

1. Open the Spotify app.
2. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.
3. Press the Proofreading option near the top of the menu.
4. Scroll until you see Sound level.
Under Sound level there are three options: Strong, Normal and Calm.

If you are working in the library on an essay, Calm maybe better, and if you sweat well at the gym, you might want to Strong. Tap the volume level you think is the best, but Spotify warns that the audio quality may decrease if you choose Strong.

If you are using the Spotify app on a Mac, there are a few more steps involved in the process. Here’s how to adjust the basic volume on your Mac:

1. Open Spotify.
2. Click on Spotify in the menu bar at the top of your screen.
3. To select Preferences.
4. Scroll until you see Audio quality.
5. Under Audio quality, you should see Sound level.
6. Click on the drop-down bar to the right of Sound level.
7. From there you see the same Strong, Normal and Calm option. Choose the one that’s right for you.


Use the equalizer to customize your sound for your favorite genres.

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How to set your Spotify equalizer

If you’d rather get familiar with how your bass and treble appear in each song, you can adjust the equalizer built into the app or choose one of the few predefined gender-based options.

Here’s how to adjust the equalizer on your iPhone:

1. Open Spotify.
2. Tap the gear in the upper right corner to access the Settings menu.
3. Press the Proofreading option.
4. Scroll through the menu and press Equalizer.

This opens the equalizer page where you can find the manual equalizer slider and gender based equalizers.

At the top of the screen is the manual equalizer slider. It looks like a line graph with six dots near the top of your iPhone screen. When you first get here the EQ should be flat.

Each point on the graph can be adjusted for more or less sound. The bar on the far left represents your bass, the bar on the far right controls your treble, and the middle bars control – you guessed it – your mids. You can modify the bars as you see fit.

Below the manual equalizer are the gender-based equalizers. You can choose the genre you listen to and the app automatically adjusts the sliders to optimize that style of music. After choosing one, you can further adjust the sliders for the perfect listening experience.

If you want to reset the equalizer, there is a gender based equalizer called Apartment. This will reset the equalizer to its default value.

Unfortunately, the Mac version of Spotify does not have an equalizer built into the app. But you can find equalizer app to help you on your journey to find the best sound.

How to Adjust Streaming Quality in Spotify

You can also adjust the audio quality of your music. This is handy if you use mobile data and don’t want to increase your phone bill. Reducing the audio quality will use less data.

Here’s how to change the audio quality on your iPhone:

1. Open the Spotify app.
2. Press the gear to open Settings.
3. Scroll down and press Audio quality.
4. Under Wi-Fi streaming and Cellular Diffusion, you can select Moo, Normal, High Where Automatique. The Automatique The option adjusts the audio quality regardless of your signal strength. There is also a fifth option for paid subscribers called Very high.

How to change the audio quality on your Mac:

1. Open Spotify.
2. Click on Spotify in the toolbar at the top of your screen.
3. To select Preferences.
4. Scroll to Audio quality.
5. Under Audio quality you should see Broadcast quality. Click on the drop-down menu on the right.
6. Choose between Moo, Normal, High Where Automatique options, and the Very high option for paying subscribers.

For more information on Spotify, see which Spotify plan is right for you and how Spotify compares to Apple Music.

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