Mangalorean singer-songwriter Frizzell D’souza featured as “Spotify-Radar India” artist of the month

Mangalorean singer-songwriter Frizzell D’souza featured as “Spotify-Radar India” artist of the month

Mangalou: This is the FIRST time that an independent artist from Mangaluru has been featured on a Spotify playlist cover. The feature came as a follow-up to Frizzell’s recent song “FOOLISH ONCE AGAIN” which was released on May 10, 2021. The song is now available on all major streaming platforms around the world. Audio and video production of the song and video was also carried out by Mangoran artists – Devadathan Nair and Smaran Alva. The song has collected over 2 lakh streams on Spotify and over 35,000 on YouTube.

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service provider, with over 365 million monthly active users, including 165 million paying subscribers, as of June 2021. Users can search for music based on the artist, album, or genre, and can create, edit, and share playlists. By the end of 2021, Spotify is expected to be present in 178 countries in total. Spotify had also launched a new program called Radar to promote emerging artists. These musicians will get slots on Spotify’s scheduled playlists – including a dedicated “On Our Radar” playlist – as well as other types of marketing support and editorial content on the streaming service.

Originally from Mangaluru, Frizzell D’souza is currently studying in her final year of Bachelor of Architecture, RV College of Architecture, Bengaluru, and is the daughter of Dr Clement RS D’souza, Professor and Head of the Department of General Surgery at Father Muller Medical Middle School. / Hospital and Dr Hilda Fernandes, professor and former head of the pathology department, also at Fr Muller Medical College / Hospital, Mangaluru. Frizzell also has an older sister, Dr Frana D’souza who has completed the MBBS from Father Muller Medical College and is awaiting guidance from PGNEET.

From left to right: Dr Frana D’souza (Sister of Frizzell), Dr Clement RS D’souza (Papa), Dr Hilda Fernandes (Mum) and Frizzell D’souza

Frizzell D’Souza is a Mangaluru / Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter who started with her own renditions of songs on YouTube in 2018 and dabbled in songwriting during the 2020 pandemic. Three years later 2018, she released two singles and, with constant effort, garnered a collective audience of over 53,000 listeners on her social media. She enjoys simple melodies and enjoys stripping popular songs to their bare minimum on the guitar acoustic. The heart of her music lies in translating emotions and is also influenced by her love for retro classics and indie music. Currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in architecture, on the sidelines, Frizzell is also an art enthusiast who is known for her denim artwork.

In October 2019, Frizzell took on the challenge of posting a short cover every day for 30 consecutive days. What started out as obvious, quickly became what is now called “The October Series”. By mid-month, the series gained momentum and began to gain recognition from popular independent artists including Prateek Kuhad. This is what catapulted Frizzell and his music career. During the 2020 pandemic, Frizzell wrote and composed his debut single ‘New’ which is about the fragility of aging love. The country blues song was composed from start to finish entirely in quarantine and in remote places. The production was carried out by Akshay Baliga in Mangaluru and the mastering by Devdathan Nair in Kerala.

D’souza said: “One quarantine evening in March, a friend of mine asked me if I was writing something new. The two words “something new” sparked a narrative in my head, and the lyrics and melodies started to flow! I would put my lessons online whenever the ideas popped up, and in a week or two, “New” was ready. The trail’s narrative revolves around two people entering the monotonous phase of their relationship. “It’s an indirect reminder that love of any kind takes time and effort to last,” says D’Souza. “New” opens with a slight pinch of acoustic guitar, particular chord movements, a sensitive electric guitar solo as well as the pleasant vocal melody of the singer-songwriter who changes dynamics throughout the song. song, creating a warm and fuzzy feeling.

According to D’Souza, the process of registering “New” was quite a task. She says: “I had returned to Mangaluru during the lockdown and it happened to bring my recording equipment with me.” The singer-songwriter followed the song to his bedroom and it was mixed by Akshay Baliga from Bantwal and mastered by Devaduttan Nair from Kerala. As the concerts died down, Frizzell used social media as a marketing tool to get the word out about the song. The musician also noticed that singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle and guitarist Ehsaan Noorani were taking performers from across the country to their Instagram live during quarantine. She says, “Lives on Instagram have become safe spaces for many artists to perform and promote their music and I plan to do the same. “

His other song “Down Away” is a dreamy pop song steeped in nostalgia. It tells the story of Goa from the perspective of a young girl with broken teeth holding her mother’s hand on the shore. The song was recorded and produced by Akshay Baliga in Bantwal and was released in December 2020. It has also made its way into popular editorial playlists and has been featured on many news platforms.
After writing Foolish Once Again, Frizzell wanted to have live string sounds to make it orchestral. Her manager ran into Tatiana Kritskaya, a Russian-based cellist who worked for the Indian Symphony Orchestra in Mumbai. Video call technology has enabled long-distance musical collaborations. Frizzell, however, believes this is not ideal. “When you’re together in a studio, your ideas are communicated more effectively. You can figure out what you want instantly. While online you kind of have to send referrals and it takes longer. The difference in time zones and Tatiana’s recovery from COVID-19 added to the production time. She hastens to add, “But it was mostly fun.”

Frizzell released his previous singles, “New” and “Drown Away,” during the pandemic and is used to the problems of working from home. Until last year, she was doing covers of her favorite artists. Producing an original song was a different game. The experience of the first two singles helped her with the third. “Since I didn’t know the process, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted with the first two. I used to settle for the first draft and couldn’t get around the inconsistencies. I’m quite happy with the third.

When asked if it is expensive to produce three songs in a year, she replied, “It requires us to spend money, but a lot has changed in this space for independent artists like us. I also attended a workshop led by freelance artist Raghav Meattle. He explained the process of releasing songs, how best to promote them and how one can crowdfund in times of financial crisis. Usually independent artists like us struggle even when it comes to promoting our music. For my third song, Foolish Once Again, I used crowdfunding. The Urban Weaver, a Mangaluru-based artist collective that supports independent artists, helped me produce my songs.

Frizzell D’Souza is the kind of artist whose music, from the very first stroke of the guitar, plunges you into a feeling of calm. She carries in her voice a kind of ease that you only find on balmy summer mornings. With two singles released last year, this young musician is one to watch. “At the moment, in terms of music, I would like to continue learning the art of songwriting and hope to release an EP / album in the next few years. I don’t have any solid plans until I graduate and I will go where the road takes me! said Frizzell. She plans to release an EP or album after graduation.

The Mangaloraen team wishes Frizzell D’souza every success in his musical career.

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