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Daniel johns is one of the most successful, controversial and enigmatic artists in Australian musical history. Better known as the leader of Silver chair, Daniel and his band mates rose to prominence at the age of 15 when their debut album, Frog Strike, was released in 1995. Worn by the single tomorrow, Frog Strike topped the Australian charts and made it to the top ten in the US, making Silverchair the first Australian act since INXS to be so successful in the United States. Daniel then collaborated with Paul Mac to create Dissociatives in 2003 and suffered constant speculation about his personal life throughout it all.

Today, part of the enigma surrounding the musician disappears, as he takes part in our new Spotify Original podcast in Australia, Who is Daniel Johns?

Fans can look forward to episodes with the actor’s introductions Guy Pearce, delves deep into the life and times of the musician, and even special guests. The five-part documentary podcast gives the former frontman of Silverchair – who notoriously doesn’t interview – a chance to tell his story as he tackles the tough questions that have surrounded his entire career. Produced by Global Podcast Heavyweights Kaitlyn Sawrey, Amelie Chaplow, and Franc Lopez, the weekly series also includes a soundtrack original music by Daniel Johns to be released.

“I’m happy to do it because I think it’s a good way to distribute art,” explained Daniel Johns.
“First and foremost, I just want to make art, and I really want people to hear it. And the only way to get people to hear my art is through vessels like this because I don’t want to perform on stage.

After the first five episodes, the season will end with a series of bonus episodes where Daniel has one-on-one conversations with key figures in his life, including collaborators and luminaries Nathalie Imbruglie, Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, and Bowl Corgan of The smashing Pumpkins.

Get a glimpse of what everyone had to say about the elusive artist, whether still respectful or initially skeptical:

Kevin Parker of Tame Impala

“My brother had Frog shot and he would have just got her out of his room. Something is spouting out of your older brother’s room behind a closed door – it’ll always sound great because you’re like, “Wow, what is this? ” you know? Yes, so that was my first Silverchair experience.

Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins

“I see [Daniel Johns] at 15-16 years old singing on stage, singing under the Australian sun several summers ago. If you had asked me, “Do you think this kid has something special? I would have said ‘No chance in hell’.

Nathalie Imbruglia

“Who is Daniel Johns?” The first thing that comes to my mind is musical genius. Peter Pan too, maybe.

Luc Steele of Empire of the Sun and The Sleepy Jackson, collaborator of Dreamz

“I think Daniel is probably one of the last real puzzles in the world. It’s like a rare bird.

In the first episode, Daniel tells the story of his life, capturing key figures, important places, the formative events that led him on his journey, and the impact of fame on his life. Stream it now, only on Spotify.

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