Nashville talent company helps students discover the world of music

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – A Nashville talent management company is helping unknown artists stand out in the music industry.

AGD Entertainment, along with Notes for Notes, a nonprofit organization that puts music studios in schools, offered two scholarships this summer to help students familiarize themselves with the craft.

Nicolas Edgerson or Legendary Nedge is a rapper and MTSU student who won a full scholarship for AGD’s zero to 60 program. Zero to 60 by AGD is a day-to-day management service that provides strategy development for recording artists.

The slogan of the ZT60 scholarship is “Imagination Into Action” and encompasses the motivated artist or aspiring musician who dreams big and invest in himself Edgerson is an Atlanta rapper and currently attends MTSU. He will benefit from a personal coach and nine months of campaign support to release an album.

On the importance of the ZT60 scholarship, Legendary Nedge says, “I need financial help to participate as I am a full-time independent student at MTSU with student loans accumulating to continue my education. only other income I have access to is funded by my part-time job as a waiter at a local restaurant, so I don’t have enough money to pay for studio time, piano lessons, engineers and more. the music videos. This program will help me complete the projects I have worked on for years and develop further as a recording artist. “

AGD President Nathan Dohse says it’s like mentoring new artists teaching them the day-to-day business, marketing, branding and performance.

“We believe motivated artists should have the opportunity to be successful,” Dohse said. “Finances should not be the main reason for preventing success as an artist. We are delighted to be able to offer AGD’s services to support them in their creativity to reach their full potential as artists. . “

Partial scholarship recipient Damon McKinney aka “Tae” says he was greatly influenced by Pharrell Williams and his sound has shifted from pop to jazz / hip hop influenced sound over the years . His father gave him drums at the age of two and he started taking music seriously at 13.

“I really started my music journey when I was in grade 6 when I started attending Notes for Notes studio (in Nashville) and was introduced to the arts and crafts. of musical creation, ”he says. “It was really great to know that I was about to start on this path. I can’t wait to help those who have helped me, to find those who support me and to support them and to do music for people’s enjoyment. “

But anyone can come talk to one of their coaches for free career strategy advice.

Dohse says that after talking about artists’ projects and where they are in the process, a member of the team will send them an overview and if they are interested in applying for the scholarship, you can get information at this. subject and if you want to hire the team, we can get you start dates. All of their slots are full for June and July, but you can still register for August and September.

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