Next X-Men Red Series Author Releases Mysterious Spotify Playlist

X-Men Red won’t be in stores until April, but writer Al Ewing has created a mysterious Spotify playlist that may contain clues about the book!

Potential spoilers for SWORD and X-Men Red forward!

In a unique promotional movement, writer Al Ewing has created a Spotify playlist, titled “XMR”, a reference to the next X-Men Red series. However, Ewing did not provide any explanation as to the meaning of the songs on the playlist, which led to fan speculation. The first issue of X-Men Red, part of the larger Fate of X event, will go on sale in print and digital form in April.

The past three years have been among the most monumental in X-Men history, seeing mutants come together on the island nation of Krakoa, creating a paradise (on the surface) where mutants can live free from prejudice and fear of the human attacks. Recently, mutants terraformed Mars, renaming it Planet Arakko and naming Storm its ruler. In March, the X-Men take the next step in their evolution with the Fate of X an event. While exact details are yet to be revealed, the X-Men are currently grappling with rifts over Krakoa in Hell. The recent Destiny revival has revealed cracks in Krakoa’s foundation, which threaten to undermine everything the X-Men have worked to accomplish. The event will also launch a number of new X Men related titles, X-Men Red among them. The book will be written by Al Ewing, who is currently writing SWORD, about the X-Men’s interplanetary defense system. X-Men Red promises to get out of SWORD and to boost the hype, Ewing created a playlist that could contain vital clues to X-Men Red parcel.


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In a Tweet, Al Ewing provided a link to the playlist, titled “XMR”, appearing on the Spotify streaming service. Comprised of 27 songs and lasting just over two hours, the playlist features a wide variety of songs, spanning multiple genres including rock and roll, EDM, folk as well as rock and roll music. movies and video games. Some of the most popular artists appearing on the playlist include Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, Prodigy, and the Velvet Underground.

X-Men Red cover, showing Storm

So what is Al Ewing trying to say with this playlist? Is this an accompanying piece for X-Men Red, perhaps offering clues as to what fans can expect from the book? Does Ewing plan to make a soundtrack of it, to listen to while reading the comic? Or is it just a collection of songs Ewing listened to while preparing for the comic? Many songs refer to the color red, like the first two tracks: “Red Planet” by Scandroid and “Big Red” by Black Francis (Frank Black of the Pixies). More than a few songs, such as “War” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and “I Die for You Today” by Alphaville, refer to combat and bloodshed, thus reinforcing the red motif. Is Ewing alluding to a great conflict?

The X-Men ‘terraforming of Mars, and the discovery of the Mysterium metal, sent ripples through the galaxy – will other galactic powers stand idly by while the solar system asserts itself? There are also community songs, like “We Take Care of Our Own” by Bruce Springsteen. Songs like these reinforce the idea that Krakoa is, in the mind, for all mutants, whether or not that is actually true. Some aberrant songs, such as “The Impression That I Get” by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, as well as music by Solid metal gear are puzzles as to their inclusion.

X-Men Red won’t be in stores until April 2022, but curious fans of the new book now have a Spotify playlist, created by the author of the book, to fuel speculation and theories.

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