See what’s new in Spotify for podcast creators and listeners

The podcast format continues to live a great era and in this sense, platforms such as Spotify provide options geared towards this material. Many users tend to use this service to enjoy their favorite programs in addition to listening to music. In that sense, Spotify has brought podcast-focused news that will benefit both creators and audiences alike.

These new features range from the ability to add questions and polls to the material, to a new way to find better suggestions for listeners.

These are the new features of Spotify for podcasts

Interaction is one of those important factors that can make the difference in the delivery and success of a podcast. On YouTube, for example, we have the comments section available and through them we can receive responses on any aspect of the material. However, from Spotify it is not possible to do all this although in Anchor an option to receive voicemail messages is enabled. So one of the first new features of Spotify for podcasts is the ability to add polls or questions.

The idea is that the calls to action you make in your recording can also be followed from Spotify. So we’re talking about a feature that will help creators get closer to their audience.

On the other hand, the new features of Spotify for podcasts are also aimed at consumers. In this sense, the novelty they bring is a questionnaire that, by answering, will help you get better podcast suggestions, fully tailored to your tastes. It is worth noting that these updates have reached the United States, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom. However, we have no information on when it will reach the rest of the countries. Despite this, there is no doubt that these new features from Spotify intended for podcasts represent a great advance for this format.

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