Sight Magazine – Postcards: Abandoning cult “business”, Scottish music company produces intimate cult chants amid painful pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic caused Scottish-born Andrew Mitchell to cry in his kitchen when he launched his own cult music production company.

SAFEHOUSE UK premiered in June 2021, encouraging songwriters to create original cult music without worrying too much about making money.

Eighteen months ago, Mitchell and his family faced the possible takeover of their stately home near Edinburgh after the foreclosure put their business in jeopardy.

His estate organized a number of group events that could not take place during the pandemic. Mitchell suffered significant financial losses and struggled to support his 70 staff. Like many others, he wondered how to care for his family without access to nursery coverage or the ability to visit older relatives.

During this difficult time, the Christian musician continued to compose and was inspired to write a new song of worship called For everything you’ve done.

“I felt this oppressive feeling of anxiety and worry about the future,” he said. “I remember looking at my two year old daughter and seeing how happy she was, oblivious to what was going on.

“As I weep softly in front of the kitchen sink, I felt myself utter these words like a deep moan from my mind: The peace of Christ in our lives, the peace of Christ in our hearts. The song spontaneously entered my mind and I felt completely changed.

“I have made the choice to trade all of the human emotions of the past 18 months for complete rest in the transformational reality of who Jesus says he is.”

In June 2020, Mitchell released the song under his own newly launched music production company, SAFEHOUSE.

He hoped to create a production environment that emphasized intimacy with God over a business mindset.

“The cult has become just a sauce train,” he said. “There are many that are written and published every day, but many are quite nominal.”

“Very often the activity of worship becomes more important than the One we worship. I want SAFEHOUSE to be a rediscovery for people of who Jesus is. We will not be a song factory.

Mitchell, who became a Christian at the age of 10 when a group of child missionaries visited his village, had an ambition to work in law. In his early twenties, however, he said he felt called by God to be a worship singer and went on to record three Christian albums in Nashville.

As he began to receive professional recognition, he turned down the opportunity to record with Integrity Music, a production company known for songs such as Open the eyes of my heart and Give thanks. He didn’t want to focus too much on the lucrative side of songwriting.

For all that you’ve done was written by Mitchell during a time of enormous personal difficulty, in what he described as an intimate encounter with God.

“What I hope and pray is that people will hear this song as an invitation to stand up and believe that no matter how terrible today may seem to so many people, God, for his love abundant, has gone ahead and prepared our future with an extraordinary array of blessings, ”he said.

“His kindness will always outweigh the deficiencies in our lives.”

SAFEHOUSE plans to release a number of new Mitchell songs before Christmas, including His name is majesty and This is christmas day as good as Oh blessed victory, a collaboration with award-winning American musician Krissy Nordhoff.

You can download “For All You Have Done” at

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