Spotify Features You Should Use To Improve Your Listening Experience

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Spotify is the most popular music app and it is used by millions of people daily. But did you know that it has many features that you can take advantage of to create a better listening experience?

Spotify features

Below are a few ways you can use Spotify’s features to improve your streaming experience.

Crossfade and transitions

If you are listening to songs without sudden transitions or cuts, you can change the app’s playback settings. Just go to Preferences and choose Reading, according to HowtoGeek.

One option you will see is “Allow smooth transitions between songs in a playlist”. As you listen to albums, you may have noticed that artists have ordered tracks to make transitions between them easier. The setting reproduces exactly this effect and provides a continuous listening experience.

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Also, you can turn on the crossfade, which adds a fade effect between songs. So if you set your crossfade to 5 seconds, the first song will start fading in the last 5 seconds and the second song will start playing.

Audio customization

Spotify has a few audio customization features that will ensure you have the best listening experience, according to PopSci.

Stream and download quality allows you to customize the quality of the audio. Better quality songs consume more space and bandwidth, while lower quality songs are less clear.

The Normalize Audio feature sets consistent output across all audio you play, whether it’s podcasts or music. It can help give you a consistent listening experience and ensure that you don’t play with your volume all the time.

The Volume Level parameter adjusts the maximum volume level for all songs. You can choose “Loud” if you are in a noisy area.

To access all of this you can go to settings and you will find them under “Audio Quality”.

Collaborative and mixed playlists

If you’re planning on taking a road trip soon and want to make sure your playlist is filled with different genres of songs, you can access the Collaborative Playlist feature on your app, according to Mashable.

You can send the playlist link to your friends and family so that they can edit it, add songs, delete songs, and rearrange the tracks as they want. You can also see who added each track to the playlist.

However, collaborators will not be able to change the cover art or the name of the playlist.

Another feature that you can use is a mixed playlist. This allows you to create a playlist with your friends. It uses an algorithm where you both overlap in terms of musical tastes, and it creates a playlist that you both would love.

Playlist folders

Spotify’s music organization system isn’t the best. Playlists cannot be labeled or sorted, and mobile apps need to be reworked. However, one feature that will help you keep your tracks organized is playlist folders.

The feature is only available on desktop computers. It allows you to place playlists in different folders, the same way files work. You can organize your folders by genre, location, and mood. You can add each playlist to these different folders.

Spotify has been adding functionality to the platform for months now. Spotify added a “What’s New” feature so that users can follow what their favorite artists are posting.

Spotify has also added audio transcription to its podcasts for easier listening.

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