Spotify launches Australia’s first ‘Pod Club’, more than talk

Spotify’s latest launch is Australia’s first “pod club”, the equivalent of a book club for podcast lovers, with host and podcast guru Melissa Leong speaking to prominent Australians in the More than Talk series.

More than Talk will dive deep into podcast culture, helping listeners discover new podcasts and expand their listening horizons through insights from Leong and his guests.

The lineup will cover everything from true crime to comedy, and will include guests such as Grace Tame, Steph Tisdell and Craig Foster.

Ben Watts, Head of Spotify AUNZ Studios, said: “We are delighted to be working with some of Australia’s favorite personalities to show that podcasts really are more than just words. With 3.6 million podcasts on the Spotify platform covering everything from crime and comedy to global issues, relationships and fiction, they’ve become a big part of our culture as listeners lean in on audio.

“As podcasts continue to go from strength to strength, we hope this series helps showcase the diversity and quality of podcasts on Spotify, while inspiring Australians to find their next favorite podcast.”

The first episode with Australian icon Grace Tame is now available on YouTube, featuring Grace’s favorite comedy podcasts and why she chose to say SCONO. If you are interested, have a watch below:

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