Spotify runs ads after every song? Recognized problem and inbound correction

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service on the planet, consuming about a third of the total market.

It is followed by Apple Music with only about half the number of subscribers like Spotify. So yes, the competition is not even tight.

The popularity of the streaming service may be due to an extremely sleek user interface and one of the smartest music discovery algorithms.

Of course, like any other service, most of Spotify’s revenue comes from its Premium service, which provides ad-free music and podcasts online and offline to paid subscribers at a very reasonable rate.

But obviously not all active users are Premium subscribers. These users contribute to Spotify’s income by listening to advertisements that appear between a few songs or so.

Lately, however, the free user base has taken to social media to complain that Spotify is forcing them to listen to commercials after EVERY song.

Seriously, what’s going on, I’m punished with 3-5 commercials after every song. Previously I could have about 5 songs before the next announcement, but that’s ridiculous. Is it like a cache thing or did they just boost the ads up to 100% in the last update to get all Spotify free users to upgrade or leave?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not or a cruel update to annoy free Spotify users, but I get an announcement after every song I listen to. song finishes, boom, commercials. also ads after skipping a song

And no, it’s not just a single ad that runs after each song, as users say they have to endure multiple ads, sometimes up to 5 of them in a row. These play even when you skip songs, so there is no respite.

FYI, the usual behavior is an ad or two between 2 to 5 songs, which isn’t too good either. However, several commercials between each song are, to be honest, quite exaggerated.

Fortunately, Spotify has now acknowledged the issues saying their developers are working on the case as we speak. A patch should therefore be available soon.

At least we now know that Spotify showing ads after every song is actually a bug and not something deliberate as many feared. This comes as a result of vague customer support responses via chat which has caused further confusion.

In the meantime, you can try to clear the cache of the Spotify app or perform a reinstallation, just as support has asked people facing the problem to do so.

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