Spotify’s latest quiz helps you find the perfect podcast

Since podcasts have exploded in popularity, it’s hard to find one worth listening to among all the noise. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your podcast options, Spotify has launched a little new tool to help you find one you’ll like.

Let’s take a look at Spotify’s Find the One site and see how it helps you find a podcast you’re likely to enjoy.

Try to find the one from Spotify

To get started, visit the Find the One website. Although this is a Spotify page, you don’t need to have a Spotify account or be signed in to your account to use it. However, be aware that the service is only available in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia.

Spotify Find the only place to start

Click on Meet your perfect podcast to start. The tool will then ask you a series of five questions to determine your podcast for you. However, these aren’t boring questions like “Which of these genres is your favorite?” Or “How long is your ideal podcast?” Instead, the tool is set up as if it is trying to find you a romantic partner.

For this reason, questions have a certain flavor. For example, the first question is How does your perfect podcast appeal to you? and gives choices for specific humorous responses, such as A very serious and high stakes karting battle, accompanied by an awards ceremony.

Click on Next to confirm each answer and you will see a fun animation between the questions. Your answer to the first question affects the possible answers for the second, but the rest is always the same.

Spotify Find the right question

One of the questions asks you to drag a slider to choose whether your ideal podcast is serious or light, while another asks what level of engagement you’re looking for. After you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll see what Spotify thinks is your perfect podcast.

Find your perfect podcast

During our first visit, we had The Ringer-Verse, an original Spotify podcast covering superheroes and pop culture entertainment. The second time around, with different responses, our podcast match was Criminal, a program about people who were the criminals or the victims.

Each includes descriptors under Personality, helping you understand what it offers.

Of course, you will see a link to open the podcast on Spotify. But most podcasts are available elsewhere, so you can search for the name on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts, if you prefer.

Spotify Find the only result

Click on Tell everyone to share your results on social media, if you wish. For further recommendations, press the button You may also like connect. And to learn more about Spotify’s offerings, choose Explore more to browse a variety of podcasts by genre.

If you are not satisfied with the result, press Re-match up to try again. Answer the questions differently for a fresh result.

More ways to discover podcasts

This Spotify tool is fun, but it’s not the only way to discover new podcasts. If you find the questions too abstract, there are many services that will help you choose a podcast with clearer qualifications.

To get started, you can use Spotify’s own Podcast Charts to find the best shows in your area. It’s a great way to see what’s hot and try it out for yourself. If you’d rather find something less well-known, try unusual ways to find great podcasts. It’s best to find shows that don’t hit the popular charts.

Spotify loves podcasts

Whether you’re a Spotify user who hasn’t tried podcasts yet, or you’re always up for a new podcast recommendation, it’s worth spending a few minutes with the Find the One site. You never know when you’ll find a show you’ll end up loving!

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