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Amazon has great markdowns on some of its best tech. (Photo: Amazon)

Did you know that Amazon keeps some of its bestsellers for his own in-house items? It’s true!

If you’re looking for smart home devices, tablets, TVs, and more, be sure to check out Amazon’s collection of branded tech. Everyone knows the Kindle and the Fire Stick, but Amazon has everything from Wi-Fi range boosters to batteries and even cameras, the whole thing to incredible prices you won’t find anywhere else.

So what’s on sale? Here is a taste: All New Amazon Echo Earphones for only $ 90 – a good $ 30 discount.

And Amazon will also give you free shipping. But if you have Amazon prime, you’ll get so much more, from access to new movies and TV shows, discounts at Whole Foods, exclusive sales, and two-day shipping on many items. Not a member yet? Fix this: you can sign up for a 30 day free trial here. (Of course, even those without First get free shipping on orders of $ 25 or more).

Check out our favorite finds below and shop for the best of Amazon devices here.

Quite the

Quite the “Show” offer -y: Save 33% on this Echo device. (Photo: Amazon)

Maybe you have a smart device that wakes you up with an alarm every morning, but can it show today’s weather forecast? Maybe your smart device can read you recipes, but can it show you step by step video instructions? And maybe he can make a call to a friend, but can he offer hands-free video chat?

The Echo show can do all of this and more. Offering all the features you would expect from devices compatible with Amazon Alexa, with the addition of an 8-inch HD display and full, crisp sound, the Echo show is perfect for watching videos and making calls. In short, it’s the perfect bedside clock and photo frame. It will even display the lyrics on screen with Amazon Music, for a little impromptu karaoke. At this time you can enter the Echo Show 8 (1st generation) for just $ 70, a whopping 33 percent off the original price.

Don’t worry about the “refurbished” label either. The smart home device has been rigorously tested and is like new. It even comes with the same warranty as a brand new device.

“I LOVE my Echo Show!” a customer shared. “It’s the perfect addition to my kitchen. I am able to search for recipes, listen to music while cooking / cleaning, and easily set up daily reminders and schedules. “

$ 70 105 $ at Amazon

Immerse yourself in music even in the loudest environments (Photo: Amazon)

Immerse yourself in music, even in the loudest environments. (Photo: Amazon)

Since 2008, we’ve seen Iron Man have his trusty AI Jarvis (and later Friday) in his ear at all times, giving him crucial information and allowing him to control all of his devices from anywhere in the world. While Amazon has yet to crack the code on how to make your own Arc Reactor or Mark V, you can now have your own digital assistant with the All New Amazon Echo Earphones. These advanced wireless headphones offer all the functionality of noise canceling headphones, with built-in microphones not only for phone calls or amplified sound, but for interacting with Alexa to set reminders and even control your devices like smart bulbs and lights. Roombas.

The Echo buds are available in black or white and work with other operating systems like iOS and Android. They’ll even offer consistent reading for up to five hours on a single charge! Best of all, the Echo Buds have multiple layers of privacy controls and let you turn off the built-in mics at any time.

Five-star music reviewer made sure to test the Echo Buds, saying “The audio playback is excellent. I experienced heavy metal and classical, and the sounds were great. Even classics like Sinatra sounded great, with loud and clear vocals.”

$ 90 $ 120 at Amazon

Your favorite movies, shows and more, all in 4K.  (Photo: Amazon)

Your movies, shows and more, all in 4K. (Photo: Amazon)

One thing that the last year has absolutely solidified is that we are truly and fully in the age of streaming. Netflix movies win Oscars, Amazon racked up a lot of Emmys and we all spent the time watching King tiger, The Queen’s Gambit and, these days, a brave AFC Richmond coach on Ted lasso.

Do you feel left behind because your current picture quality just isn’t up to par? There has never been a better time to upgrade! The loved one Amazon Fire Staff 4K can give you access to all the best movies, TV shows and live events (subscriptions may apply), all in the best picture and sound quality.

“I received the Fire TV Stick 4K on launch day. I own the previous model and it’s a much better experience,” said one. long-time owner of Fire Stick. “First of all, the remote is a huge improvement. The power button on the remote can turn on my TV, receiver, and Fire Stick, and I can switch inputs automatically so the Fire Stick is on screen and ready to go with just one click of the power button. That’s really cool. ” The buyer added, “It’s faster than previous Fire Sticks. No more lag in the menu. Things are smoother and faster overall.”

40 $ $ 50 at Amazon

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