The sound of ‘Music + Talk’ on Spotify

Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona; Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz jugs; and the other Itchyworms bring their jam and thoughts into the virtual space

Spotify is launching Music + Talk in the Philippines, a new kind of audio experience that brings together music tracks and spoken commentary, all into a seamless listening experience.

Listeners can now access a range of Music + Talk shows and episodes created locally by popular Filipino creators for a rich, on-demand listening experience.

From a song’s origin story to a discussion of trends and graphics, the new format allows listeners to delve deeper into the music through conversations and commentary from leading creators and musicians, including Jugs and Teddy, Jim and Saab and The Itchyworms group.

According to Spotify’s Culture Next report, 51% of Filipino millennials and 52% of Gen Z Filipinos believe listening to music without knowing the culture it came from is a concern.

Music + Talk provides a seamless discovery opportunity, allowing listeners to explore and interact with music tracks within an episode, and the ability to like, record, and view more information about a song without having to exit the episode page or manually search for it.

“Filipinos are passionate about music, and Music + Talk will give them an even more immersive and interactive audio experience. With the lockdown, many Filipinos are looking for respite and connection while at home. Likewise, local creators, who want to engage their audiences in more depth, are also looking for new creative outlets. With Music + Talk, more artists, creators and even fans can express themselves freely on Spotify – creating new avenues to interact with their friends and fans like never before, ”said Carl Zuzarte, Head of Studios at Spotify, Southeast Asia.

With the launch of this new audio experience, Filipinos can access new shows including “Soundtrip with Jugs & Teddy” hosted by the duo and musicians “It’s Showtime”, Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz. “Soundtrip” is a study of some of OPM’s best hits and the untold stories behind them.

Another suggested show is “Makinig Ka Muna with Jim & Saab”. It has a unique show format as musicians and couple Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona read letters from young Filipinos, highlighting soul-relieving songs.

Finally, “Worms Upon A Time: An Itchyworms Podcast” is an in-depth dive into some of the favorite tracks of OPM Itchyworm legends over the past 25 years. For their first episode, they highlight their latest single, “Eto Na (Ang Maliligayang Araw)”.

“Jim and I have seen and experienced the growth of podcasting in recent years. Spotify’s Music + Talk is a game-changer, allowing us to have deeper conversations about what we love – music. We can’t wait to share more about it. our thoughts and anecdotes, and bring music to life through storytelling, ”commented Magalona.

This new format is also available to podcasters – professional and amateur alike – using Anchor, Spotify’s all-in-one podcast platform. There, they can create a Music + Talk show that seamlessly mixes spoken content and music with access to Spotify’s library of over 70 million tracks.

Music + Talk is available for premium and free listeners.

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