The YouTube Music widget is inspired by the new Material You design

Google has updated almost all of its app with the Material You design language. Now the company is focused on the widgets section. This time, there are two new YouTube Music widgets that you inspired: Now Playing and Recently Playing.

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FYI, the new theme was already available on iOS. On the day of Android 12’s release, Google previewed the widgets on the official YouTube Music Twitter account. And now it’s finally activated.

YouTube Music Widget

Now playing and recently played widgets use a 4 × 2 grid by default. But you can extend it widthwise and get a bigger grid size. Although the displayed content is the same in both sizes. At the top of the widget, you can see the currently playing song followed by the Like and Play / Pause buttons. Under these controls, you can see and display your recently played tracks right from your home screen.

Now that we have access to simple controls and recent songs, we hope to see more media controls soon. Also, we don’t know when these widgets will be available for everyone, but it could be soon.

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