Thinking of quitting Spotify? Here are some alternatives and how to transfer your music

Spotify may be the world leader in music streaming, but its reputation has taken a hit in recent weeks due to Joe Rogan’s comments on vaccination and his history of insensitive comments. Now, with artists like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell pulling their music off the platform, subscribers are doing the same with their money.

Spotify and “The Joe Rogan Experience”

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Rogan is no stranger to controversy. The comedian, combat commentator and fear factor The host has been in hot water for years due to his penchant for questionable statements, racist remarks and platforming controversial figures. However, with the pandemic still raging and the continued push of Rogan pseudo-science, some people have had enough.

“I am doing this because Spotify is spreading false information about vaccines – potentially causing the death of those who believe the misinformation is being spread by them,” Young said in a suppressed statement posted by rolling stone. “Please act immediately today and keep me posted on the timeline. I want you to let Spotify know immediately TODAY that I want all of my music removed from their platform… They may have Rogan or Young. Not both.”

Mitchell followed suit, as did several podcasters and content creators. However, Spotify reportedly spent over $200 million to bring Rogan home to YouTube. However, many noted that his controversial statements long predated the acquisition. Either way, for those who want to keep streaming their favorite music, Spotify isn’t the only place to do it.

How to quit Spotify?

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Spotify was an early adopter of the streaming model that is now the industry standard. They’re still one of the only places to stream music for free, and their paid plan also offers an ad-free experience with exclusive podcast content.

Those who want an easy way to unsupport Spotify might be frustrated that they have to use a desktop browser to do so. According to CNBCthis is due to Apple and Google’s App Store rules and Spotify’s attempt to save money.

However, those who wish can go to their Spotify account page, click change plan and scroll down to cancel option. This effectively cancels any paid content. However, anyone wishing to delete their account entirely should go to Spotify’s support page and speak to a chatbot or email the company with their request.

What other music streaming options are there?

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The edge notes that several other major companies offer similar streaming services. Amazon Music offers free playlists and audio stations, but several paid plans for different needs. These range from student-friendly budget plans to Amazon Music Unlimited.

Apple Music offers a $9.99 music plan and a $14.99 plan with spatial audio and high-quality sound. Those who want music without the thrill can use Apple Music Voice for just $4.99. Those with other services should also note that Apple offers plans that save them money across the board.

Bandcamp may not have popular music as competitors, but it’s a great place to search for new music from indie artists who get a good chunk of every sale. It’s not your average subscription service, but music fans will love it nonetheless.

Pandora’s free plan remains a favorite among music fans who prefer playlists to albums, and with multiple options to suit every budget, music fans can curate it to their liking.

From YouTube’s vast catalog of music to Jay-Z’s more polished Tidal, the world of streaming is full of user-friendly options. Each has its pros and cons, but Spotify doesn’t have a monopoly. The Rogan saga will likely continue as long as he’s on the platform. Fortunately, those who want to leave his service, Apple, Amazon and several other options exist.

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