This Stardew Valley is turning her farm into a music box filled with iconic pop culture tunes

From Pokemon to Squid Game, one creative Stardew Valley fan uses music blocks to bring loads of familiar melodies to the chill farm simulator.

A typical NetWarrior (opens in a new tab) The YouTube video shows a farmer walking through a decorated field in Stardew Valley, past flute and drum blocks as each note sounds to re-enact a popular song. It’s as if NetWarrior itself uses a hand-cranked music box to play every tune. You have songs like Mario Overworld Theme (opens in a new tab), Star Wars Duel of Fates (opens in a new tab)and even that of Rick Astely I will never abandon you (opens in a new tab) If you really want to get one on your Stardew Valley love buddies.

NetWarrior tells us the hobby was born during the first Covid pandemic lockdown. Like most people, they found themselves stuck at home with lots of free time, so they created a YouTube channel.

“I’ve always been into music since I was young – I used to spend hours playing keyboard and guitar as it’s one of my biggest hobbies,” they tell us. “One day I bought Stardew Valley because it seemed like a really fun game (also another hobby of mine). After about 100 hours I found out that you can change the pitch of the notes and it opened the door to so many possibilities.

Recreating every Stardew Valley song is a true labor of love. Organizing melodies can be tricky because the farming simulator limits you to 24 keys (or two octaves), so all NetWarrior can do is recreate something that has a recognizable melody, which can take anywhere from two to eight hours spread over a few days, depending on the song.

“The hardest part is getting started,” they say. “Once I got the first notes, everything clicks together and I feel like it’s flowing.”

Stardew Valley

(Image credit: ConcernedApe)

Luckily, the power of modding keeps each song recreation from taking NetWarror too long. There’s no need to spend hours of your time harvesting fiber for flute blocks when you can use a mod to create a few instantly.

New Stardew Valley Mods (opens in a new tab) also gave NetWarrior the ability to recreate different tracks. Their latest cover of To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy 10 came about thanks to a new mod that adds more sound options to the flute block. Their next spin on Frozen’s Let it Go wasn’t possible before either, as it didn’t sound good on an unmodified Stardew Valley.

Between Musical Efforts and Poor Grandpa’s Deathbed Modding (opens in a new tab), Stardew Valley gamers certainly still find pleasure in the six-year-old game. It’s no wonder Stardew Valley’s average daily sales (opens in a new tab) are higher than ever.

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