Vancouver’s Peach Pit releases video clip shot in Keremeos – Keremeos Review

K Mountain was one of many familiar locations that fans of Vancouver’s Peach Pit Similkameen got to see in their latest video. (Peach Pit – Youtube)

Vancouver’s Peach Pit releases video clip from Keremeos

Familiar sites in Up Granville include K Mountain and the Grain Mill

If you’re a fan of the Vancouver band Peach Pit, you might have seen some familiar places in their latest clip.

The recently released music video for the indie rock band Four for Granville was partially shot in and around Keremeos.

Some of the sites that can be spotted in the video, which can be seen online, include the historic Grist Mill and Gardens.

The video is just the first to be filmed in the region this summer, with Keremeos general manager Chris Mathieson mentioning on Facebook that there was yet to be filmed.

The video can be viewed online on their official Youtube channel.

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