Do you like listening to songs and watching video clips? And spend a lot of your time browsing the YouTube and Instagram reels for great music with great music videos too. Don’t worry, you’ve landed at the safest spot. We have an amazing list of songs sung by amazing artists on YouTube that are underrated. It is high time to glorify the freshness, the unique and this incredible talent that exists in the world of music. Why start these artists at the top by watching their videos and listening to their songs. These artists sang the best songs to date and did not disappoint their subscribers with their songs and music videos. These artists always present themselves in a unique light and always offer something creative and artistic in their music videos and songs. They are excellent at vocals and their versatility in vocals is simply remarkable. They are great artists and their voices have stolen the hearts of many. Here we bring you the top five most underrated singers on YouTube.

Shraddha sharma
Shraddha Sharma is a highly skilled musician from Dehradun who started on YouTube at the age of 15 and has gained tons of affection and support since then. Check out his opening track which is a cover of the song ‘Main Tenu Samjhawan ki’.

Vasu Kainth
Vasu Kainth is one of the most popular Indian cover musicians and rap Meme artists who hopes to become a Bollywood singer. His recent songs “Sarphira” and “Nahi Hu Mai Theek” have certainly made him one of today’s promising singers and lyricists.

Tushar Joshi
This Indian cover singer has a harmonious voice that has earned him a place of choice among his essential audience. His interpretation of the music ‘Yeh Fitoor Mera’ undeniably makes him one of the promising cover singers today.

Darshit Nayak
Darshit is also considered one of the top singers on YouTube. His cover of the music “Woh Lamhe” has been featured over 2.4 million times on YouTube.

Vidya Vox
Vidya easily topped the list of top female singers. She vocalizes melodies in English, French, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. His cover of “Sia’s cheap thrills” has gotten 38 million views.

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