Weekly WTF: Kickers pretending to be passers-by and punters pretending to be kickers!

Terry Fletcher returns with his Weekly WTF (What The Football ?!) for Week 8 in the NFL. This week, Terry talks about spooky Halloween costumes, with Steelers kicker Chris Boswell posing as the quarterback in a game of tricks – which ended in an unreported illegal kick and Boswell’s day with a concussion.

His replacement ?

We don’t really know, but we’re assuming rookie punter Pressley Harvin was the next in line to wear a kicker ‘suit’, but Mike Tomlin decided not to concede a basket or point attempts after the fact.

And then there are the referees, who came to the evening disguised as… too bad! They still can’t make the right decisions or see what is needed on the pitch!

Terry also talks about various upheavals and also some news about trade deadlines.

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