Weekly WTF: When did it become taboo to go shopping?

During NFL Week 15, there was a similar pattern to Week 14 with coaches making it 4th in the red zone or not taking an extra point to tie a game and go into overtime. .

What is football? (WTF!)

The Ravens pulled off a field goal attempt to come away with zero points, then gave it a mind-blowing attempt at everything with a two-point attempt that ultimately cost them their second game in two weeks: Wins count in the NFL, and points are how you win. It didn’t make sense!

Quarterbacks are now landing on the COVID roster, placing saves on backups that fill up, or teams signing contingency plans from other practice or street teams, creating chaos in matches.

Plus, the Steelers win dramatically with Joe Haden making the game of the year, and New Orleans eliminates Tampa Bay, or more specifically Tom Brady.

Listen to all of the WTF moments from Week 15 with Terry Fletcher.

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