What the first iPhone looked like: Apple cell phone details announced 15 years ago

On January 9, 2007, the world saw for the first time a phone that Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, called “revolutionary.” It was the first Iphone show, during Macworld, an event promoted by the Apple company.

Functionality aside, the truth is that the device has had an impact on the phone market. It is strange that although the presentation took place in early 2007, the sale of the first iPhone did not begin until June 2007 in the United States, which at the time raised high market expectations for the phone, in addition to increasing concern. A fan of the brand.

What was the first iPhone like?

Jobs spoke about the new phone, saying it would actually be a three-function device: a cell – a dungeon internet connection device and an iPod (company Player Music). “Today, Apple is reinventing the phone,” said CEO and founder of Apple.

Steve Jobs presents the first iPhone in 2007

Photo: reproduction

Currently, Apple CEO Tim Cook, since Jobs’ death in 2011, is giving an introduction and sharing the presentation of the new devices and services with other company employees.

As a good speaker, Jobs joked and constantly argued that the smartphones of the day weren’t smart: they had small screens, physical keyboards, and directional buttons that didn’t adapt to apps, which truncated the experience. .

The difference with the iPhone was to bring a 3.5-inch “screen”, and interacting with the phone would be, in Jobs’ words, “the best pointing device in the world we all have”: fingers.

The device only had a 2-megapixel rear camera – without a selfie camera, which only appeared in other versions of the Apple phone. When it comes to storage, the early iPhones had options of 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB.

The first iPhone with a 2-megapixel camera appeared

Photo: reproduction

The cheapest model, 4GB, was sold linked to carriers in the United States and costs $ 499. And in direct conversation and at the current exchange rate, that would amount to around R $ 2,800. The cheapest option from the Apple Store in Brazil, the iPhone SE (64GB), costs BRL 3,699.

It should be remembered that to transfer and backup music, users need to use iTunes, which is the same as iPod sync software. There is no flow of music services; People will buy music (or download it illegally) and then transfer it to their phones to listen to.

As for applications, although essential nowadays, they only appeared on iPhone in 2008 with the establishment of a store. Before that, there were mainly apps developed by Apple itself or already integrated third-party options.

During the presentation, Apple partners of the time also appeared. Eric Schmidt, who was CEO of google browserView Google Maps, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, explained how the messaging app works.

After launch, many companies gradually moved away from physical keyboards and embraced big-screen design and touch-based interaction.

Then Apple chased after the competition. The Samsung, for example, pioneered the introduction of giant screen phones, with the Galaxy Note, launched in 2012, which saw its first release with a 5.3-inch screen. The first iPhone of equivalent size was the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus in 2014.

If you want to watch Steve Jobs’ presentation of the first iPhone in its entirety, there are videos and translated options on youtube. Usually the event lasts a little over an hour.

* with report by Letícia Naisa

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