When N-Trance made the video for Clifford’s Tower on Bonfire Night

Readers remember the Bonfire Night fireworks of 1994, when pop stars N-Trance filmed their song Set You Free against the backdrop of a York landmark – with colorful rockets exploding above their heads.

The song reached number two on the UK charts the following year.

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The single – which has become a dancefloor classic – was shot mostly at night and features the band dancing in the street and driving in a white limo.

Several readers shared their memories on The Press’s nostalgia page on Facebook, Why we love York – Souvenirs.

Matthew Lightfoot fondly remembers the fireworks nights at Clifford’s Tower, but especially the one 27 years ago.

Still from N-Trance’s Set You Free video shot at Clifford’s Tower on a bonfire night

He said, “The Minster FM scene bringing N-Trance to the party too; it was pretty epic back then.”

Geena Paula Lias agreed and posted: “Loved it. The atmosphere was amazing.

I especially liked it as a teenager and when N-Trance was filming! ”

Shane Southren also picked it as a highlight as Glenn Fuller seemed to remember more details from the video. He said: “This was also filmed in a nightclub and also filmed going down the A64.”

Lynne Holden said listening to the song now brought back the memories. She said, “Yeah, I remember … even now listening to N-Trance and the fireworks in the background … brings me back to that time.”

Besides the scenes in York, the clip was shot in various locations in County Durham and North Yorkshire.

You can watch the video here:

The Set You Free video was then posted to YouTube in June 2008 and has racked up nearly 8 million views.

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