YouTube Music automatically boosts custom playlists with new “Recommended Radios”

Personal radio stations based on multiple artists and songs

YouTube Music seems to be on a frenzy of adding features. We’ve seen it run on a revamped “Add to Playlist” UI, and now we’ve discovered another feature being tested – “Recommended Radios”. Unlike radio channels generated from a single song, these playlists are inspired by many titles and artists.


According to 9to5Google, some users have spotted a new “Recommended Radios” section in the Home tab of YouTube Music. It displays 10 radio stations that change every time you refresh the stream. Cover images for these stations feature up to three artists in the center, indicating the songs you’ll find inside, along with a YT Music logo in the top left and a waveform in the background. Each radio station is named after an artist, band or genre (e.g. The Kills Radio, Pop Radio), followed by a short description or the decade that awaits you when you press on playback (e.g. Popular, 2010). Below you see the names of the artists who are part of the radio, including those on the cover images.

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Tap a radio station to open the playlist page with all the songs, along with options to shuffle them or add them to your library. All playlists have a description that reads: “Endless music personalized for you. Always updated.” On desktop computers, clicking on a radio station automatically plays its songs, while on smartphones you have to press the play button to do so. YT Music app on smartphones also allows you to download the songs and save them for offline consumption.


The feature is available to a limited number of users at this time, but you can expect a wider rollout in the future if all goes according to plan. With all the recent changes and updates, it looks like Google is working hard to improve the YouTube Music experience. A recent study also revealed that YouTube Music is currently the fastest growing music streaming app in the West. Google’s investment therefore seems well rewarded.

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