YouTube Music portable app can only be installed on Wear OS 3

The new unified version 3 of Wear OS is now publicly available on the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic. These users can already take advantage of the native YouTube app on newer Samsung watches, but that hasn’t been the case with older Wear OS devices.

A new report from reveals that the current portable version of the YouTube music app for Wear OS is not compatible with Wear OS versions prior to v3. News has been confirmed that an attempt has been made to copy the YouTube Music APK from Galaxy Watch4 and load it onto a Moto 360.

The ADB command returned an error stating that the YouTube Music app requires Android version 11 or higher. Current Wear OS devices are stuck on Android 9-based software at the time of writing. There is a way to manually change the app to use an older API, but the login screen is disabled accordingly, so there is no way to get it to work at this time.

Spotify recently rolled out its updated wearable app to older Wear OS devices with offline playback, so why can’t Google do the same with YouTube Music? It is possible that there is a separate app with limited functionality directed at older Wear OS watches, but nothing is confirmed.

Google Play Music app has been discontinued and replaced by YouTube Music as the official Android app for listening to music. As it stands, older Wear OS devices don’t seem to be getting the attention they deserve, even with Google’s proprietary apps.


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