YouTube Music puts color in her cheeks

YouTube Music’s home page has been a bland black color since the service launched, and to be honest I thought it was because Google was trying to find ways to implement Material You or maybe a light mode (I contacted support about this). I feel a little awkward saying this, but I miss Google Play Music’s light mode, but it looks like we won’t be going that route.


A new screenshot presented by Redditor Lower-Biscotti reveals that a subtle splash of blurry colors are added to the service, giving it a bit of life. The first image below shows the web app version of Android Police with the recolor, which looks a little less obvious compared to the mobile app redesign that Lower-Biscotti originally showed off.

Ultimately, this change is only meant to add some visual flair and make navigation a little less boring, but it’s a nice addition, in my opinion. Still, I’m holding out hope for the aforementioned lighting mode and Material You updates that I find odd that Google hasn’t considered adding yet. While there’s still a possibility of this happening in time, it would mean a more inconsistent design stripped of color blurring when switching between light and dark respectively, which seems like an unlikely design decision, even for Google.

While YouTube remains its own separate brand from the other Google services, it’s been in the family for 15 years, so I expected the company to treat it more like its other family members, but I can figure out why he wants to keep it separate.

YouTube has been wildly successful and revolutionized the internet, so keeping its brand intact by Google’s visual consistency seems like a good way to separate it from Google’s design inconsistency. It’s not always the case, but there always seems to be an obstacle. If you don’t see the redesign just yet, sit tight as it should be rolling out more widely soon.

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